Monday, February 02, 2015

Board Review: Sixteen Little Questions

In the interest of life-long learning and continuous medical education, here's an entertaining video that asks sixteen little questions to test your knowledge of the financial adventures of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and its Foundation. See how many you get correct! (Note: The video plays very fast. Consider hitting the "pause" button after each question is displayed.)

I hope this helps you prepare for your upcoming Maintenance of Certification® examination(s).

Please feel free to share with your friends! Doing so will show the world your commitment to the highest standards of "medical professionalism."


h/t: Charles Kroll


Anonymous said...

The ABIM and all the professional societies are in on this. They only have to slow walk this long enough until MOC is linked to MOL. Also, MOC will be linked to physician VBP (value based purchasing) as a quality metric. Every professional society is creating their registry. This registry will collect money from the hospital to participate and money from CMS for providing professionally approved metrics to lower physician payment.
Time is on their side.

To preempt my future employment by United Health, I am presently applying with United Health for a job denying procedures doing peer to peer phone interviews. The future is now.

Dr A said...

The movie plays too fast to be fully appreciated.

DrWes said...

Dr. A -

I agree.

I'd suggest watching it again using the pause button between each question to savor every point, but only if you can stomach it.

sueneo said...

I guess they're feeling the heat, did you see the belated "press release" by Dr. Baron that "we hear you and we're sympathetic" blah blah blah. Every physician needs to make good on the threat to not pay the MOC fee so the cancer can die.

Anonymous said...

The ABIM is so sorry. They just need more time to link MOC to MOL. Just give Dr. Baron more time. Stop fighting us and all is well.

Unknown said...

The ABIM released a statement of contrition and compromise today. A step in the right direction- EXCEPT there is no explanation for their increasingly disturbing financial behavior. I will never ever trust the ABIM. Christine Cassel and Richard Baron have wasted millions of dollars on themselves and their obscene worldly pleasures. Shame on the ABIM.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wes,
Very passionate discussion and scary facts about an organization that is supposed to promote ethical decision making.
My question to you is what do you know about other members of ABMS. Are they behaving similarly or is it an ABIM isolated misbehavior ?