Monday, October 07, 2013

When the Best Stuff Ends Up on Twitter

Keeping a blog, I feel like a dinosaur, but I do it because it's a place I can return to to find a thought.

I think, I write, I put some thoughts down in this space. The piece is published here and then "fed" to Twitter and to an "RSS feed" for wider distribution. People then come here and read the piece. People like the thought. Others hate it. So what do they do? They "retweet with comment" on Twitter (or Facebook) and their view evaporates in seconds to another social media space.

It's an interesting phenomenon, and perhaps one brought on by multiple social media outlets and voluminous comment "spam-bots" that have led folks like me to have to implement difficult "Captcha" screens to limit the garbage that can appear in the comments section of blogs. (Some IT spam marketing experts have discovered how to break Captcha screens, too).

Oh sure, I could put a live stream of Twitter comments on my sidebar, but as the Twitter feed scrolls on with time, the insightful (and often helpful) thoughts are lost into the void of the inter-webs. The conversation dies quickly and many people who read the post later miss those thoughts.

Does anyone know an easy way to automatically add Twitter "re-tweets with comments" that occur on Twitter to the comments of an individual blog post? This might help solve this conundrum.

In the meantime, consider taking a second to leave your comments here for others to read so your brilliant thoughts don't evaporate in seconds into the Internet ether.

After all, your thoughts matter in "social" media, remember?


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Would this help?