Thursday, October 10, 2013

Daily Caller: 800 Number for - An Accident?

You can't make this stuff up: look what the 800 number for's information hotline spells. Goodness!

This can't be an accident. After all, it shows what can be found when you actually read the keypad...



Anonymous said...

Doc, close but no cigar (and you really need to improve your reading material.)

Note the number of digits as provided by The Daily Idiots.
1-800-FUCKYO does not have the correct number of digits.

That is because the prefix is 318. The number 1 on a keypad has not associated alpha.

But I'm heartened to see that the idiots who have shut down the government have time to play such silly games.

Play on, Doc.

DrWes said...


Thanks for enlightening me. I must have missed that.

At least we can agree on one thing: these are the guys in charge of our healthcare now.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness you do not mean the guys at The Daily Caller being in charge.

Boy, did I read an interesting article today regarding shared doctor visits. I'm gonna make a guess that you hate the idea. Just want you to know that this patient thinks it's a great idea. I want to be proactive so you don't labor under the idea that no patient will accept it.