Saturday, June 02, 2012

Paying It Forward

I have a favor to ask of my readers.

There are moments in life where small random acts of kindness make a real difference for others.  I was the recipient of one such act last week.

Now before I go on, readers of this blog are cautioned that this post is primarily directed to my Chicago-area readers (or those who have friends in or around Chicago). 

Here's why.

Last week, I lost my wallet.  I knew I had it earlier in the day and left to play a tennis match with some friends at our local park.  After playing for two hours, one of my tennis partners pulled me aside to discuss a "private matter" about his health.  We sat on a park bench in the shade and he reviewed the specifics.  I helped him understand a bit about the medications he was taking.  He thanked me and we went our respective ways.

Upon returning home, I had a flurry of things to do on my wife's "honey-do" list, paid a few bills, and took a shower.  Some time later, it was time to head out to the next activity and as I got dressed, realized I could not find my wallet.

So I did what most people so: tried to reconstruct the day, checked and re-checked my pockets, scoured the car, the house, and told myself "it'll probably show up" if I just take a break for a while.

Needless to say, it never showed up.   I looked again and again, retracing my steps, and eventually came to the realization that I had better cancel my credit cards and make plans to get a new driver's license.  I was to do that today.

But I received a message from a Good Samaritan at work yesterday.  They had found something of mine.  Total strangers, mind you, but they called my work and left their number.  So I called.

It seems they had tried to drop my wallet off at my house and no one was home.  Seeing as there was over $100 in the wallet, they didn't want to leave it in our mailbox.  They weren't sure what to do but eventually found my work ID in the wallet and called my office.  Thanks to them, I picked the wallet up today.

As I arrived at the house, there was a young mother and her (I'm guessing here) 5-year-old daughter who came to the door with my wallet.  Everything was there.  Every dollar, every credit card, license, ID - everything.  She assured me nothing had been taken.  Nothing was.  It seems her daughter found the wallet beneath the bench I had sat upon with my friend after our tennis match.  She brought it to her parents who scoured the park looking for the owner, but I had already left to return home.

As I picked up my wallet today, I offered to buy them dinner and to give them the money that was there.  She refused but included a business card with the wallet of her husband's remodeling business. 

"If you ever need remodeling..." she said, graciously smiling.

Now I have no idea what reach my humble blog has, but I'm pretty sure a few people read it from the Chicago metro area.  I have read stories about the power of social media to do good, how others have done nice things for nice people in need, and I'm pretty sure a small young family with small kids trying to make it in today's economy could certainly use an extra remodeling job or two.  While I do not know this young family at all, I certainly can vouch for their integrity. They have demonstrated what makes this country special.  So if you need a kitchen or bathroom remodeled, are looking for a room addition, need some decorating or painting or maybe some ceramic tile work, please consider helping me to "pay their kindness forward" and call:

Just Quality Remodeling
6610 N. Harding
Lincolnwood, IL  60712
Phone: 847-329-0634
Cell: 847-338-9446

And please, tell them a very appreciative doctor sent you.

Thanks -



Em said...

That is remarkable! I do not live in Illinois, but I will share your story and maybe someone I know, know's someone who has the needs for remodeling. I am from Utah and found your post from another friend on Facebook!

Dennis said...

Something similar happened to me forty years ago at a camping site... I was a young sailor on leave and it would have been devastating had it not been for the kindness and honesty of a stranger.

Ann said...

Great story.