Monday, June 04, 2012

My Three Minutes of Fame

Dr. Seth Bilazarian of Haverhill, MA (a cool, rare-breed, private practice cardiologist) and I were interviewed by veteran health care reporter Shelley Wood from on the use of social media for cardiologists.  (To their credit, Seth and Shelley are much better looking.)

Hopefully this will inspire other physicians to consider social media, irrespective of their specialty.


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Lisa said...

Nice interview. You covered blogging and twitter well. I wish Facebook had been covered better before the video cut off. I am facebook friends with one of my doctors. No inappropriate communications go on. He sees when I report the results of my mammograms to my friends because that is a stressful moment to me. And I see when he is awarded another award because he is an awesome doctor. Doctor/Patient lines are never crossed. Seriously, I know more about his life visiting his office than I ever see on Facebook, same with the rest of my doctors.