Monday, April 02, 2012

Where's Waldo Comes to EP

Here's the picture (yes, there's a heart in there somewhere):

Now, name the technologies seen.



arnel c said...

Is this Google Map in black and white sir?

Wow amazing technology in there. I think the lower portion is the LVAD. Do not the know the rest. Would like to work around these areas and how the waveforms look. Fascinating...

mcgianni said...

- ablation catheter with long sheath
- RV (doesn't look in apex though) catheter
- His (maybe) catheter
- ICD lead
- metal stitches (sternotomy)
- metal valve
- 3D mapping system (Carto magnet in the foreground?)
- ECG electrodes and leads
- some kind of spinal stabiliztation sustem?

Christopher said...

Lots of stuff! Is that perhaps an LVAD in the bottom right of the frame?

Jennifer Cummings said...

ICD leads both RA and RV
Fixed Quad in the RV
Ablation in long sheath prob going transseptal then curled in the LV outflow/Ao.
Second catheter also transseptal
ICE catheter
LVAD tubing
Spinal surgery fixation device
ECG surface leads

Anonymous said...

Likely too much.

Likely too expensive.

Likley just because we can.

Likely unsustainable.