Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Patients Say the Darndest Things

"Medical pricing is irrational. 

It's like going to a grocery store for food but no price labels exist on any of the items.  You collect these items and then go to the checkout counter.  Your items are scanned but the clerk's screen shows no prices and the no one in the store has any idea what the items cost. 

You then leave with the items, paying nothing at the time, only to receive a bill months later for an exorbitant amount that has been determined by someone who colluded with the store owners to set the price.  Then these same miscreants decide a percentage that you must pay.

What kind of system is that?"



Anonymous said...

Oh yeah how well I know..i wouldnt buy a car or groceries not knowing the price....but healthcare expenses...you wait for the bill..its a wait and see for what insurance might cover. Arrgh!

Lisa said...

Yes! Exactly! Thank you!

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Remember that this is the system planned, designed, largely funded, administered, and closely regulated by government.

Under tax rules set in 1943 to provide companies with a way to avoid wartime restrictons on salaries and prices, and never revised.

With the aim of being fair, efficient, helpful, and a safety net.

To improve on the previous "systems" which merely delivered care as needed to people who saved to pay for their care.

Which is so broken, expensive, misdirected, and mismanaged that it is driving EDs, hospitals, and independent doctors out of businesss, while charging fees which everyone sees as outrageous.

Which is the justification for completely redesigning it under an even thicker blanket of benevolent regulation and oversight, enabled (but not specifically) by 2,700 pages of congressional legislation written in legalese.

It could leave you feeling a bit ill.


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