Monday, November 07, 2011

AMA Medical News: Social Media's Public Health Implications and Limitations

From a mention in today's AMA Medical News:
Many health professionals do not see social media-based research replacing more traditional study methods, because not everyone uses the Internet or social networking. But they expect data gathered from social media to play an increasingly larger role in addressing public health issues.

"Social media has huge potential for public health," Dr. Fisher said. "I don't think that people have even begun to realize that potential yet."


Dennis said...

Patient goes to see his doc. I got a pain in my rectum doc, he says. Doc says... Gee,I donno.. lets Google it together.

Tim Hulsey, MD said...

Dennis said...
"... lets Google it together."
I love it!
Don't miss that word "public health," i.e., the collective!! The good ole AMA, always looking out fur us! Proudly, I have never been a member!