Friday, November 11, 2011

Miss Manners Goes to the ACCF

Dear Ms. Manners:

I am a fellow of the American College of Cardiology and I just learned that the American College of Cardiology Foundation (ACCF), the same foundation that publishes most of our patient care and treatment guidelines, is providing training to medical device and pharmaceutical personnel so our interactions with them become “effective and efficient.”

How nice.

Is this how Multaq (er, dronedarone) got such an early mention in our latest atrial fibrillation treatment guidelines? I've always wondered, especially after we later learned that there might be a few unsavory issues with this drug.

Still, I have no doubt the need is there. Glad to see that my annual membership fees are being put to such good use. After all, up until now, it really HAS been hard interacting with industry reps when they brought lunch. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t their professional demeanor or their knowledge of their device or drug. No, that wasn’t it. It was just so hard to explain to them why I had to dine and dash.

Now, thanks to you, I won't have to. I'll just spend more of my limited time getting down with industry personnel so we can share. Imagine: having smart people we can talk to about our latest, coolest case so they can record how much money they spend on our get-togethers. That's efficiency exemplified.

I'm especially impressed that the ACCF training of industry personnel will occur every two years. I was worried about quality of our industry reps' knowledge base, so I'm glad you've made this effort a full-time job. (By the way, I had NO IDEA the ACCF now has a vivarium for all this training - when did you guys spring for that?) Impressive. Rest assured that I'll be SURE to check for your ACCF Training Logo on their business cards before I help myself to a gyro.

But do me a favor, will you? Would you mind passing on some of those fees you receive for that industry training to those of us helping ourselves to lunch? After all, those membership fees we're paying to the ACC are getting a bit stiff. (*wink wink*)

Just kidding.

I'm sure you're really collecting those fees to help lower the cost of my patients' medical devices and drugs in an effort to support their "positive health outcomes." After all, it's this cost thing that's reaking havoc on our health care system, right? (I wish I had thought of such a clever way to address this problem).

Ms. Manners?

Ms. Manners?



h/t: Larry Husten over at Cardiobrief.

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