Friday, May 13, 2011

Fading or Evolving?

Perhaps its a natural evolution of a blogger on the internet: starting out strong, then fading. Perhaps it's a realization that you've said what you wanted or needed to say and newer content is harder to find. Perhaps it's the changing times or the changing of priorities. Perhaps it's because newer, faster ways have developed for doctors to communicate with the outside world, like Twitter.

Perhaps, it's all of these.

Whatever it is, my blogging frequency has slowed considerably since I started:

Will this trend continue to reach its inevitable asymptote of zero?

I suppose.

But as long as there are things that are interesting, bothersome, unique or funny to share, I'll continue - maybe not as a thoroughbred with as many posts per day, but an old mule who can occasionally give a good ride. (Whether that ride will be rough or smooth remains to be seen...) Still, as long as it remains fun to do, I'll keep her goin' for now. While it's taken a while to garner a faithful following of all six of you, I continue to be amazed at the impact one guy's blog can have. Thanks to all of you who have taught me, scolded me, praised me, and educated me along this wild journey.

A few other reflections at this juncture.

I feel a bit guilty that I cannot always post the comments left here in a timely fashion. I can assure you I read them all and appreciate the perspectives shared. But my day job requires that I perform procedures that happily remove my brain from the internet. I get to them when I can - hence why idle back-and-forth chat will never be my "M.O." And try remember to keep your comments clean, respectful of others, concise, and on message. (Remember, your mother's watching.)

By the way, to those that leave those "love your blog" comments with a link back to your overseas drug distribution, vibrator sales site, or similarly dissociated website: rest assured your comments will continue to be hastily labeled as "spam" for the great gods of Google to feast upon.

So happy Friday-the-13th and thanks for checking in from time to time. It's been a ball.

We'll now return to our regularly (yet less frequently) scheduled programming...