Thursday, May 05, 2011

Irony: Aetna Asks People to Sit and Use Computer Game to Obtain "Wellness"

“Considering that Americans are spending over $200 billion a year on healthy living products and services, but the rates of chronic health conditions and obesity continue to rise, the time is right for a new approach to engaging people in achieving better overall health,” said Kyra Bobinet, MD, medical director of health and wellness innovation at Aetna. “We think the Mindbloom Life Game will provide a fun, rewarding and effective way for Aetna’s members to make lasting improvements in their physical and emotional well-being.”
Yeah, you filthy Americans! What do you think you're doing? Look at you! $200 billion just so you can get fatter and sicker!

Here, we have the answer to America's obesity problem. The "time is right" for us to "engage" you. Sit down, play this online computer game while we collect some important information on you and you'll be guaranteed to obtain the ever-elusive concept, "wellness."

Oh, how much did this cute game cost to develop?

Look, we're trying to look after your best interests. Don't bother us with such trivialities!

By the way, have you paid your insurance premium yet?


h/t: The Medical Quack

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Lisa said...

Yeah, can't wait to see that one on my to do list in my PHR.