Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Patient Parking: Another Hospital Revenue Stream?

The British health care system is making a go at it:
Using data from 126 Freedom Of Information requests, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust came top for clamping.

Over a year the hospital clamped 1,671 cars and made nearly £2m profit.

Leeds General Infirmary issued the most parking tickets - over 10,000, generating £142,000 profit.

The Royal Derby was the target of the most criticism - it received 82 complaints in 2008-09.
I wonder what US hospitals are bringing in? When a hospital owns 4,734 spaces, I bet they're doing pretty well.



The Happy Hospitalist said...

One of the local concierge practices charges for "valet parking" to get around the whole Medicare pays for everything rules.

They don't pay for valet parking. That'll be $2500 a year please.

The perfect business model to exit the restriction of the Medicare National Bank, and still bill them.

Lea said...

You bet that hospitals use parking fees as revenue as well as several other non patient care strategies to offset the losses on patient care. If you have an opportunity, read the article in the May issue of HFM (hospital finance journal) by Tom Schuhmann titled "Can Net Income from Non-patient Revenue Activities Continue to Save Hospitals?" The news is not good.