Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cardiology Fellows as "Experts"

Either we're not paying our cardiology fellows enough, or they have too way much time on their hands:
Consulting Services:
As a member of the Intota consultant network, Expert is a specialist who provides technical consulting to corporate, legal and government clients. Expert provides professional consulting as a Cardiology Consultant. Expert may consult as an independent consultant or as a member of a consultancy, consulting company, or consulting firm. Consultants service will be covered by a consulting contract. Ask an expert initial screening questions and ask the experts services particulars, by simply submitting an expert request.

Expert Witness:
Intota experts can serve as expert witnesses or litigation consultants offering expert testimony, expert advice, litigation support, forensic services, and related expert witness services. Expert can serve as an expert witness or litigation consultant in intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), product liability, and insurance matters. Expert may provide forensic expert witness testimony, litigation consulting services, forensic investigation, and forensic testing if appropriate in litigation areas as a Cardiology Expert Witness. Intota provides attorneys and legal professionals the opportunity to ask an expert initial screening questions and ask the experts services particulars by submitting an expert request.
I bet Expert wishes he never advertised for this.


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SharonRN said...

As long as medicine is viewed as a profitable business and great wealth accumulated by many associated with it, then there will be lawsuits. Yes, I lived and remember a time before lawsuits. now, fair-minded physician experts will be needed to defend doctors who are sued. And let's not degrade those patients who are truly injured who also need good, fair-minded physicians to review their cases and explain what went wrong. The doctor who injured them sure won't discuss his mistake with the patient, under threat from med mal insurance carriers and many hospitals who will deny coverage if they do. Read your policy carefully doctors. If fair compensation can not be mediated, then yes, the fair-minded may also have to testify. They will need to be paid for their time away from taking care of the sick and dying.