Friday, May 07, 2010

Playing House, MD

From one of our local affiliate cardiologists:
A patient in the hospital told me he had a "drawer full of meds" at home but didn't know their names. I asked his wife to bring them in so we could look at them.

She did.

Good thing he didn't store the medications in the refrigerator...


h/t: Dr. Micah Eimer on Facebook (used with permission)

Addendum: From a follow-up e-mail:

"Btw in that drawer were two scripts for dig(oxin)- he was taking both explaining the visual changes and complete heart block."


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Anonymous said...

All too common in Home Health...worse cases leap to mind~~~lol with syncope on Lasix and furosemide; gentleman with bulging eyes and SVT on Synthroid and levothyroxine. Sometimes patients doctor shop, and sometimes doctors don't pay attention to med lists!

Pattie, RN

The Happy Hospitalist said...

That was classic