Thursday, May 06, 2010

Good Morning, Doctor

A conversation between man versus machine at 6:30AM:

What's the computer doing? It's just sitting there.

I don't know. Give it a minute.

(A minute passes.)

Screw this. I'm logging off and starting over again.

"Log Off!"


What the...? *Sigh*


Dani said...

Ugh... I have actually had that happen. Some days you just can't win :(

Angela said...

CTL + ALT +Delete = your best friend when dealing with stupid hospital computers...

and if all else fails?

Hold the power button down till it restarts!!


Andrew_M_Garland said...

Application designers find it difficult to believe that you would want to leave their application, especially when you just started it. But, the same code that is displaying the progess meter could offer the choice to leave, and do it immediately. In fact, they went to the trouble of blocking your attempt to leave by logging off of Windows.

They don't understand that you will like the application more if you have more control over it.

The Happy Hospitalist said...

I once had a problem trying to log into my EMR. Every computer told me there was an error. I called IT and told them to fix it.

They told me I had to call them and give them the IP address of the computer for every computer that wasn't working.

I think I'll just not use the EMR.

Jay said...

For about the last year, I've been carrying around my own MacBook Air and doing all of my EMR (EPIC on Citrix) on the hospital wi-fi network.

It's worked out great. I virtually never have system crashes. I never have to look around for a computer. I can work wherever I want, and I spend less time logging on and off.

This laptop only weighs about 3 pounds and comes out of suspend ready to go within a few seconds after I open it up. I've got a couple of charger stashed around places I work, so battery life isn't an issue.

There's been some interest in running citrix on an iPad or iPhone. Right now our version isn't compatible with the app available. I'm told we'll have a solution this fall. It's gonna be hard to beat the Air though without a physical keyboard.


Anonymous said...

i can't get epic to run on mac for some reason. if i could, i would be like jay.

Jay said...

Anon: I can't get Citrix to run on Safari, but it works fine in Firefox and Chrome. If you haven't tried this yet, give it a go.

I suspect your IT department is like ours and doesn't really support Apple. I'm pretty much on my own.


DocInKY said...

Try CTL-ALT-Del to open task manager. From there, in the applications tab kill the app. If that does not work, go to the processes tab and kill the app there by ending the process. Most apps will have a process image name that make sense to ID it, as opposed to microsoft processes ;(

Beats the power off reboot...