Friday, February 19, 2010

Swiss Call Girls Offer Full Cardiovascular Services

... all in the name of satisfied customers who will hopefully live long enough to assure payment:
Prostitutes in the picturesque Swiss lakeside town of Lugano are adding defibrillation to their list of services following the death of several elderly punters whose hearts just couldn't take the pace.

According to the Corriere della Sera, there are currently 38 brothels and sex clubs in the Lugano area, and more are planned to accommodate the rising tide of customers who pop over the border from Italy.

For some, though, this proves to be a day trip too far. The most recent case was a pensioner who suffered a heart attack while enjoying Lugano's delights with the aid of "pharmaceutical assistance".
Looks like we've done a good job getting the message out on the benefits of automatic external defibrillators...


h/t: @rlbates via Twitter.


Jay said...

This one goes in the Dr. Wes Hall of Fame.



Marco said...

Make sure the gals are fully trained, so they know to apply the defribillators to the CHEST.


Marco said...

Unh-Unh-UnhUnh Stayin'Alive Stayin'Alive Unh-Unh-UnhUnh...

jimbino said...

That would easily qualify as my favorite way to avoid going gentle into that good night. In fact, it should be prescribed for all old bedridden guys facing the grim reaper.

The service is probably not included in Obamacare, one more reason to put it to sleep.

When my bedridden dad started groping the help, I suggested to my sister to hire a hooker posing as a nurse. No luck. Good reason for a man not do leave his hospice care in charge of a daughter.