Friday, February 26, 2010

Live Blogging the ACC.10 Meeting

It's official.

I've been asked by the ACC to help live blog portions of the ACC.10, i2 Summit in Atlanta March 14-16, 2010 that includes a Health Information Technology spotlight session.

There will also be a lively session entitled “U.S. Health System Reform: Where are we headed?” on Sunday, March 14 from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m. with both sides of the political aisle represented by Chris Jennings, Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Care Policy and Congressman Paul D. Ryan Jr. (R-Wis.). No doubt it will be as productive as yesterday's White House Health Care Summit.

There will also be a session on insights into the tort reform controversy from Richard Anderson, M.D., CEO of The Doctors Company. Trial lawyers are particularly invited to this session (I need news, after all!)

Needless to say, while electrophysiology remains my passion, I'll see if there's some new gadget, gizmo, controversy or cardiovascular policy issue that stretches beyond the typical fray.

You can follow the posts on this blog or via Twitter (@doctorwes).

For full disclosure, the ACC is paying my registration fee, but transportation and housing are on me. I am NOT industry sponsored for this event and the ACC only asks that I refrain from using four-letter words.

I'll try.



Christian Sinclair said...

Cool deal! How are you going to live blog it? Just keep updating the same post or do a morning and afternoon post. Do you get a cool ribbon to hang off your badge? I will be blogging (probably not live) from AAHPM next week. Congrats on the position of influence! And thank you for being transparent.

DrJohnM said...

Sounds like you will be working hard.

Cool stuff.


DrWes said...


I thinking a post or two a day unless, of course, something really juicy pops up.

I've already been warned that press corps personnel will be looking over my shoulder due to my incredible influence in the blog-o-sphere.... (Heh.)