Tuesday, February 09, 2010

For Love or Insurance

For this 45 year-old decently divorced woman with C4 complement deficiency, marriage is for insurance.


TV spot: NBC5 Chicago Web Sights, 9 Feb 2009


Marco said...

Very sad, as it leaves her open to abusive partners that cannot always be screened out. This story doesn't include all the people who stay in miserable marriages or jobs just for the insurance. Just more reasons for universal healthcare.


sherry said...

A very creative solution to a very real problem. I wonder what those of us who are already married would be willing to do in that situation?

I was denied open marked health insurance for a pre-existing condition: SVT. Although I had an ablation, with no recurrance, I had to wait eight years before any carrier would touch me! If I had known that going into it, I would have chosen Beta blockers. Would have saved me tons of money and heartache.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wes,

I don't get the "decently divorced" part, but I sure do the other. I wish we could buy advertising time on Fox and publish this and the other stories on the email portion of the site. Then, when the repubs mount a filibuster on health reform, we slip this story into their notes. Since most of them do not recognize the inconsistancies of their arguments, I bet they wouldn't notice until after they had read it into the record and, with any luck, it goes viral on the web.

docwrite said...

This is a sad situation indeed. Persons requiring insurance even if they can pay some can't afford because the insurance companies charge them arm and leg over their usual group rates.