Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Ultimate iPhone App?

Steve Dahl, from the Chicago Tribune, gives us the run down:
I was warned in advance that "Avatar" is a very long and intense movie, and my second-biggest fear Monday afternoon was that my hummingbird-size bladder would dictate the pace of my movie watching. Luckily, I had the iPhone app RunPee (ed. note: video review here) to coordinate my visits to the men's room once the film had started. I was in full command of both the 3-D technology and my 3G technology as I transported myself between Pandora's laboratory and a Pompano Beach lavatory.

Run Pee suggests the best times during a movie to make a run to the bathroom or get a snack without missing too much of the plot. "Run Snack" isn't as catchy an app name. The first recommended break was at 56 minutes (I just made it). The app gives you the cue: When flying through the floating mountains, Trudy says, "You should see your faces." RP also provides a synopsis of what you are missing.
Urologists everywhere should take note.


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Danimal said...

This app should be in the running for the Nobel prize for Urology.