Friday, January 29, 2010

The "Electromagnetogram:" A More Sensitive EKG?

Could magnetometers replace EKGs?
The portable magnetometer, invented by scientists at the University of Leeds, England, measures minute fluctuations in the heart's magnetic field so sensitively that it can detect heart problems in fetuses, as well as spot problems in adult hearts far earlier than an ultrasound or ECG. And the device is far cheaper than any of those other devices, too.
All well and good, but getting people to understand the information produced will remain the largest challenge of this technology, not to mention the artifact created by things that create electrical interference, like pacemakers.

Weren't vectorcardiograms supposed to supplant EKG's, too?


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DrJohnM said...

Dr Fisch drew vectorgrams and despite much effort they proved elusive, although I did my best to feign understanding.