Saturday, July 18, 2009

Washington Wrap-Up

Once again, I have to thank Dr. Val Jones for setting up the Putting Patients First event at the National Press Club in Washington DC on Friday. For a full summary of the pagentry, Dr. Rich does a much better job summarizing the whole event than I ever could, though I was uh, surprised about what he said of me (thanks, dude).

But one thing he forgot to mention was the moment when our moderator asked us what struck us most about what Congressman Paul Ryan had to say in his speech to us. I, being ever soft-spoken, piped up that I was struck that no one had read the bill and it was already on its way to the floor after being completely "marked up" early that very same morning.

So, while we might not have been chasing windmills at this event, I couldn't help but wonder if it might come to this (with appologies to GA Harker, whose illustration I couldn't help but Photoshop):

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Andrew_M_Garland said...

Politicians: Why read legislation? It is too complicated, and we will do what we want to, anyway. Let's concentrate on practical things that can help people and make us money in political contributions.

"Do The Right Thing" Bill
Future News:

Congress has debated the "Do The Right Thing" bill for a week, and it is expected to pass today. Senate approval is expected in short order.

A leading Congressman spoke anonymously to avoid "electoral difficulties":

"None of us has read any of the bills this year before voting for them. Or, for that matter, after voting for them. Even the sponsors don't know the contents; this is left to the staff and lobbyists.

We certainly are ashamed. It is clear to all of us that we cannot go on this way. The average bill is now 1,500 pages, and the details of government have gotten out of hand."

'Do The Right Thing' will give us open, consistent, dynamic government. It grants President Michele Obama (now in her 3rd successful term in office) all principles and powers to consider all matters and then "Do the right thing". The Congress retains the important function of advising on the President's actions should she desire this.

The Congress is now free to do what it does best, arrange for hospital admissions and allocate liquor licenses.

Dr. Jack Lewin, CEO, American College of Cardiology said...

Dr. Wes hit the nail on the head with his remarks at the press conference. Most doctors are not well versed in the ways of Washington, but that doesn’t change the simple truth that physicians have perhaps the biggest stake in the health care reform debate. For that reason, it’s our responsibility to get involved. The physician community must help guide our elected officials toward a health care solution that raises the quality of care in this country, treats doctors fairly, and brings coverage within the reach of all Americans. If we can do that, the result will be a system that allows doctors to concentrate on what truly matters – staying absolutely “focused, attentive and engaged in their patient’s care.” Thanks for all your continued involvement in the push for health care reform, Dr. Wes. You’re a great example to all your fellow ACC members!

DrWes said...

Many thanks, Dr. Lewin.

Dr. Rob said...

I hear the people at the YMCA are proud of you too.