Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dr. Wes Goes to Washington

From Jessica, commenting on my "Are Doctors Sheeple?" post:
I for one want to hear what the physicians have to say and really, that's about the only group I want to hear from. It is beyond comprehension how people can condemn doctors/providers for health care costing too much. It makes me so mad - it is the best case of brainwashing I've ever seen and it would do us well to track that sentiment back to those who stand to gain the most from spreading such lies.

We are lucky to have the talented souls who go to work each and every day knowing the tape they have to work around and we need to stop now and listen to what they suggest. There is too many unnecessary layers between me and my providers, too much between me knowing how much something will cost so I can plan ahead, too many back room deals between unaffected players that help those who don't need it and hurt the ones that are dying for help.

While reading your post, I got this picture in my mind of like, all the great doctors in our country with their nose to the grindstone, doin' their thing, working their magic, not having the time to 'make deals' like power groups have time to - like you said, they are being the entrepreneurs, the innovators, the individuals who are healers and kind souls who set out on a mission to help people live their lives a little better than the day before. All the while, those who are not intrinsic to the provider/patient relationship are spending their time buying political capital. The individual-ness of doctors is what makes medicine in our country so great - your minds are free to work! No associations required, just more volume please!
Jessica, now's your chance to hear some doctors.

Dr. Wes will stop blogging briefly to participate in a press conference next week entitled "Putting Patients First", to be held at the National Press Club in Washington on 17 July 2009 from 9AM-12 noon EST.

Dr. Val Jones (of the blog "Better Health") has graciously invited me to participate along with other nurse, nurse practitioner and physician bloggers to discuss issues of health care reform that directly affect doctor/patient relationship from an "Outside the Beltway" perspective. The keynote speaker for the event will be Congressman Paul Ryan, (R-Wisconsin), ranking member, House Budget Committee and the moderator will be Rea Blakey, Emmy award-winning health reporter and news anchor, previously with ABC, CNN, and now with Discovery Health.

Participants will include:

Primary Care Panelists:
Kevin Pho, M.D., Internist and author of the popular blog

Rob Lamberts, M.D., Med/Peds specialist and author of Musings of a Distractible Mind

Alan Dappen, M.D., Family Physician and Better Health contributor

Valerie Tinley, N.P., Nurse Practitioner and Better Health contributor

Specialty Care Panelists:

Kim McAllister, R.N., Emergency Medicine nurse and author of Emergiblog

Westby Fisher, M.D., Cardiac Electrophysiologist and author of Dr. Wes

Rich Fogoros, M.D., Cardiologist (and yes, another Cardiac Electrophysiologist) and author of The Covert Rationing Blog And Fixing American Healthcare

Jim Herndon, M.D.,
past president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Better Health contributor
Better yet, you're also welcome to attend in-person. (Contact if they'd like to be in the audience. Seating is limited in the broadcast studio.) A video of highlights from the event will be created that I hope to embed in this blog or will link to after the event.

Got something you want said? Let me know.

- Wes


Marco said...

Kudos to you for getting invited to, and participating in this event. I'm sure that you will have a alot to offer them.

Have a great time!


Laura said...

That's great! Will video or audio be made available? Dare I dream... livestreaming?

DrWes said...


Don't know about "live-streaming" (though that would be cool) but video after the event will be available, but not exactly sure when...

Dr. Val said...

Sorry, no live streaming. It's beyond our blogger budget. But we'll have a nice highlights video soon after the event!

Bruce said...

It will be interesting to see what Representative Ryan has to say. He is very bright but has been very partisan on past issues.

The Mind Relaxer said...

Can't wait to hear and see some highlights in that event. Keep us posted.