Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heart Rhythm Society Meeting 2009

The Heart Rhythm Society's Scientific Sessions will kick off tomorrow in Boston, MA. This is where the latest and greatest ideas in heart rhythm management and research are shared. It offers valuable educational content, but also serves as a wonderful social backdrop to meet old friends and colleagues from around the world. It is here we reconnect, if ever so briefly. I'm not sure about the blog, the twittering, or whatever over the next few days since my stay will actually be very short this year - clinical coverage back home require it to be so.

But one thing I would like to see is a session entitled "Tales from the Unknown EPs" delivered by EP's who have never spoken at this conference around the country discussing their issues. It seems every year I go to this meeting, I always here from the same folks n similar topics. Not that they don't do a fine job, but it would nice to hear how common EP folks around the country are dealing with atrial fibrillation ablation at smaller institutions, or with their local cardiologists implanting defibrillators instead of them. Sessions like that can get pretty interesting! (heh, heh)

But we'll see what I can learn in the short two days I'll be there. I can never cover all the topics at a meeting this large, but if I find some new stuff, I'll be sure to share.



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roger said...

Have a great meeting! I will miss your blogs for the weekend. Coincidently, I will actually be in Boston this weekend, but just saw the student rates and even they are unfortunately not too affordable. Maybe next year when my residency program can fund me!