Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog Break

For reasons that escape me, Dr. Wes has found he has reached a period of critical blog block. I've had this happen before, and have survived it to blog another day. Other issues (like life) have taken their toll. I'll be back, but a blog break will do me some good.

In the meantime, when you think of Cheerios and the FDA, read this from a while back. Maybe the folks from the FDA will read it, too.



Marco said...

Have a good break, Wes. We look forward to more of your stories when you're refreshed.


Dr. Val said...

Wrist to forehead... and just after you'd joined Better Health! ;-) Have a good break!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break. I love reading your blog.

IcedLatte said...

Ah, life. Always getting in the way of work and virtual reality. Enjoy!