Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Education Time

Dr. Wes will be attending the Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium for the next few days (weather permitting), so blogging might suffer a bit. Since my early AM flight has already been cancelled and rescheduled for later in the day (thanks to the gorgeous *cough* weather at O'Hare Airport), I hope I can make enough of the conference to make the costs worthwhile.

It feels like that ol' Visa tag line:
Registration fee: $675
Airline Ticket: $310
Hotel: $400
Transport to/from the airports: $100
Chance to learn something new: priceless?
We'll see.



Anonymous said...

My EP doc friend asked me if I wanted to attend that symposium with her (she traditionally visits her family back east in January). I literally laughed out loud. I said "Boston in January, are you nuts?". I guess Boston vs Chicago weather is a toss up. But those of us on the left coast don't venture to the NE in winter without just cause or expectations of weather related delays.
What's priceless is not ending up in the Hudson river like the US Airways jet. Hope you get to the conference and do learn something worthwhile.

Robert W Donnell said...

Does the program get any support from Evil Pharma? Well, no matter. Cardiologists are filthy rich, don't ya know? :-)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you made the meeting or not. My friend just told me that Natale and Pappone had a nice lively debate re: robotics.