Saturday, November 29, 2008

Regarding Cardiac CT Angiography: Which Is It?

Here. You decide.



SC NG said...

MSCT is turning into an arms race.

We covered the radiation risks of 64MSCT here

The accuracy of 64 MSCT here

And an update here

Anonymous said...

At journal club the other day we discussed a recent NAC study regarding contast induced nephropathy. One of the attendings mentioned that VENOUS administration of contrast was more likely to induce CIN than was aterial use of contrast. I had not heard that before. Might be a significant consideration when deciding re: CTA.
Personally I do not see a need to use for CAD, and basically think it should be used it for planning for ablation, or anomalous cor arteries or hx of CABG w/ LIMA and need to define LIMA location prior to repeat sternotomy.