Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here It Comes

My favorite line in this New York Times article on the proposal being placed before Congress to guarantee health care for all:
"Other Democrats with deep experience in health care are also drafting proposals to expand coverage and slow the growth of health costs."
Does anyone else find that line as ridiculous as I do?



Andrew_M_Garland said...

The Democrats are following the pattern that they have established for 20 years. The Republicans have no overall philosophy beyond words with no actions.

I suggest that we are living the pattern I describe in Leading the People

Andrew Garland

Anonymous said...

Yeah it is funny -- "we will expand benefits while reducing expenditures."

In all seriousness, what they meant to say was the per-capita health care costs need to be reduced. Canada is making us look pathetic.

And after all the people without health care still weigh on the system with ER visits and the like.

Anonymous said...

Deep experience in health care?

Do they know one end of a stethoscope from the other?

Have any of them ever performed a history and physical?

Have any of them started and run their own medical practices?

I don't consider sponsoring bills that impose regulatory costs on physicians, hospitals, and patients "deep experience in health care."