Monday, November 17, 2008

Proof that Cardiologists Are Under Pressure

Some are resorting to selling vitamins:
(Medscape - subscription required) "As cardiologists' income has been declining, we've seen a trend toward adding ancillary services," says Patrick White, president of MedAxiom, a cardiology practice management and information services firm in Neptune Beach, Florida. "I've seen cardiologists starting to do laser vein therapy and selling vitamins," says White. "But these are likely to divert their energies. Instead, they should focus on their core mission."

In 2007, the median total medical revenue for cardiology practices decreased 0.61%, while median operating costs increased 6.3%, according to the Medical Group Management Association's (MGMA) 2008 Cost Survey Report."


Anonymous said...

CMS will implement the proposed changes to the PE database for Microvolt T-wave alternans (CPT code 93025) to make the clinical labor staff type consistent with the other cardiac stress tests (CPT codes 93015 and 93017), as well as add the specific Microvolt T-wave testing equipment in place of the cardiac stress testing treadmill devices, and revise the time-in-use for the equipment to reflect the service period

DrWes said...

anony 10:55PM:

You are correct, but given the relatively negative press (registration required) about MTWA at the AHA, this test might become the next target for cuts by CMS next year...

Certainly for cardiologists who already have the equipment, the CMS approval comes at a good time.