Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Leapfrog's Best Hospitals

Although I'm not a real fan of rating systems for hospitals, it seems congrats are in order for Evanston Hospital for their inclusion as one of the Leapfrog Group's 41 best hospitals in the US:
The 2007 Top Hospitals list is based on 1,285 hospitals that responded to the Leapfrog Hospital Quality and Safety Survey as of August 31. Top Hospitals fully meet Leapfrog’s standard for ICU Physician Staffing (IPS) and the Safe Practices Score (SPS) and either of the following: (1) Two or more of the eight Evidence Based Hospital Referral (EBHR) areas; or, (2) Computerized Physician Order Entry plus one of the eight EBHR areas. Thirty–three hospitals meet these criteria. Top Children’s Hospitals fully meet the standard for IPS, SPS and the EBHR Neonatal ICU standard for high-risk and complicated newborns. Eight children’s hospitals meet these criteria.
I may whine, rant, and complain from time to time, but all told, the admin folks do a pretty good job here.


Reference: The Leapfrog Group's methodology.

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