Monday, September 24, 2007

Health Discrimination is Here

"Sorry, Mrs. Smith, while we appreciate your excellent attendance and work ethic here at Clarian Health, it's come to our attention that you're fat, so we want you to submit to a blood test to measure your cholesterol. If you refuse, you're fired. If your cholesterol is high, you're going to pay more for our insurance."

"What's that you say? Drawing your blood without your permission is assault? I think you're mistaken, Mr. Smith. Our company policy requires this test be taken because we're a hospital group and we know what's best for you."

"You have what? What are you talking about Mrs. Smith? We don't see Cushings Syndrome or diabetes on our exclusion list. You're just fat, young lady, and we know that fat people are high risk for our insurer so suck it up."

"You want us to speak to whom? The ACLU? Who are they? Oh, you mean those guys. We're really not worried, Mrs. Smith about them, honey. You see Mrs. Smith, those guys need insurance and I hear they're all fat, too."


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