Thursday, September 06, 2007

Coreg on the Cheap

Big news from the FDA today for our heart failure patients:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first generic versions of Coreg (carvedilol). Coreg is a widely used medication that is FDA-approved to treat high blood pressure, mild to severe chronic heart failure and left ventricular dysfunction following a heart attack.

"The agency's Office of Generic Drugs ensures that generic drugs are safe and effective through a rigorous scientific and regulatory process," said Gary J. Buehler, director, FDA's Office of Generic Drugs. "Generic drugs, which use the same active ingredients as brand-name drugs and work the same way, offer alternatives to Americans in choosing their prescription drugs."

Carvedilol tablets in four strengths (3.125 milligrams, 6.25 milligrams, 12.5 milligrams and 25 milligrams) are manufactured by multiple generic drug companies. The following company’s applications were approved today: Actavis Elizabeth LLC; Apotex Inc.; Aurobindo Pharma Limited; Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories Limited; Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories; Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited; Lupin Limited; Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.; Sandoz Inc.; Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.; TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA; Watson Laboratories Inc.; and Zydus Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.
Generic cardedilol is likely to be MUCH cheaper than the once-a-day Coreg CR, or conventional Coreg tablets. No word yet when it will appear at your local Walgreens, Wal-Mart or CostCo.



Ed said...

Wal-mart has the generic carvedilol now, at least my local branch in CT does, and presumably around the country.

DrWes said...

Thanks for the update. According to Walmart's generic drug list, 60 tablets of carvedilol (generic Coreg) at 3.125, 6.25, 12.5 and in most states, 25 mg sizes will all be $4.

Ed said...

Yes, that agrees with what they charged me.