Monday, July 30, 2007

Spam No More

Whew! Finally, my blog has been released by the Google reviewers. For those of you unaware, it seems Google has deployed little roaming "spam bots" that seek out blogs that are thought to be spam. These spam bots decided by blog was spam and locked me from being able to place further posts on my blog until it was reviewed by the Gods of the Blogosphere. (Seriously, is it really that bad???).

I was unaware these "bots" existed and was completely halted in my tracks. I was afraid Google sent these to my blog because of my prior post heckling Google's Health Care Advisory committee. I wonder: will they send out little "bots" anytime doctors get a bit ornery with the new electronic healthcare system that Google envisions? * Sigh *

I was impressed how I felt the anxiety of acute blog withdrawl - palpitations, lightheadedness, emotional lability - it was ugly.

But now, renewed in my ability to post some sixty hours later, my symptoms are resolving and I can get back to some more therapeutic posting...


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