Monday, July 09, 2007

Negotiating Deals

I wonder if Boston Scientific wants hospital administrators who negotiate contracts with them to know about this. Why on earth do they need a helipad when they're facing mountains of litigation for their Guidant acquisition?


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Anonymous said...

Hmm, so how is company's spending on helipad (however strange and possibly unnecessary) affect hospital administrators? I don't see your logic.

I am sure Medtronic executives do not spare themselves extraneous luxury items. They just market it as 'the most excellent/worthy/useful spending there is', just as pretty much any product and service they got. For example, they market their CareLink as if it is the best product on the market, while Boston Scientific's Latitude has more features and capabilities, and it is clearly a superior product.

I believe both companies overall provide comparable products AND quality (let's face Medtronic had its share of recalls). I just wonder how Medtronic keeps its name out of negative news and inflates its positive news? Boston Scientific got to learn that yet.