Friday, March 16, 2018

One Final Push

This weekend, the national multi-specialty survey of US physicians sponsored by Practicing Physicians of America will be closing to allow time for analysis. To date, the response to the survey has been remarkable: physicians from all 50 states and nearly every US territory have participated with 47 subspecialties (both medical and surgical) represented. In case I should forget, I should also like to add a special word of thanks to those who helped spread the word about this survey, especially members of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, the Association of Independent Doctors, and Doximity. The power of social media to reach working physicians has been amazing.

Currently, I estimate the error of the survey will be as low as ± 1 or 2%, depending on the question asked. Obviously, the more (credible) responses we receive, the more powerful the survey since non-responder bias is present with surveys.

So talk it up one last time, share it like crazy, and encourage your colleagues who have not competed the survey to do so. I have no doubt the results of this survey will be eye-opening to all.


P.S.: Goodness: Just realized I published this without the link to the survey!  Here it is:


Dodi said...

The fraud and collusion involving ABMS MOC needs to be made a top priority of our federal government and state legislatures. MOC needs to be stopped now. Tomorrow may be too late.

Where's the Learning in Lifelong Learning said...

Money and Politics (ABMS MOC, Education It IS Not)

ABMS MOC TAX CODE (Certified by ABMS Umbrella and Medical Board CEO's and CFO's)

IRS Business Activity Tax Code Number 900099 "Politics, Propaganda, Public Health Fraud" (P,P and P, editorial comment tax code other under heading other - surreal)

Public comment: 900099 "Other" (IRS accepts ABMS Certification and MOC as "other" than education or educational support services on their audited tax filings)

Additional comment: the American Board of Surgery 501(c)(6) lists their certification and MOC related revenues uniquely under "education" tax code 611710 "educational support services". But where is the education their support services refer to?

Page 52 IRS Instructions Business Activity Codes

ABIM page 9

ABS page 9

Anonymous said...

Someday, I'd like to be able to speak freely and exercise my 1st amendment rights again.
ABMS strong arming took that right away when MOC was introduced for the financial pleasure of the politically motivated executives keen to make a lot of bucks for themselves.

Patty said...

MOC has done nothing to enhance the quality of patient care and everything to hurt it.

Half Corrupt/Half Political and Social Propaganda said...

Ending MOC as a necessary rite of passage for physicians and patients and a mark of excellence to come

ABMS with their MOC crap trivialized the medical boards by diluting the value of certification by half - spending half their attention, time and half the money managing their certification programs. The med boards lost touch with reality long ago blinded by greed and their hellbent twisted agenda on the politicization and monetization of these non-profit charitable organizations.

As a result executives, staff and boards sorely neglected their primary and sole function, which is to provide a lifetime certification as a mark of excellence and a rite of passage, offering certification as a voluntary process. Certification has become cheapened in content and meaning by corrupt selfish executives who forgot the meaning of voluntary and why we have a constitution and bill or rights. They rode rough shod over all as the morally pale riders who extort physicians out of time and money, while they steal their constitutional guarantees and a patient's right to care.

MOC is the BS in the ABMS and everyone knows by now how much MOC stinks. The other half of the ship is weighted so much to one side MOC that the whole ship is beginning to sink. The ABIM financial insolvency is a good example of this. Theft of physician money occurred (over billing of clients) with well over 250 million dollars in cash transfers to the ABIM. Foundation in today's inflationary valuations. Most of this money has gone to conflicted and corrupt executives, waste, luxury properties, fraud, self-dealing, propaganda, along with the political and financial strong arming, which crowns their present-day legacy of heinous achievements.

The ABIM/ABMS is an opaque window blown wide open revealing medical graft. It can be characterized objectively as a 50/50 mix of half corruption/half political and social propaganda. This cunning duality of stated purpose and mission by the ABIM and its contradiction with reality created a mass exodus and revolt with physicians, who experience now profound shock and a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance toward their conflagration of common sense, morality, and law.

This dark and murky instrument of the medical industrial complex has created a profound dissonance in the ethical and common sense fibers of physicians, and these scorched earth policies the executives have adopted is literally all that is left of the ABIM/ABMS.

This sorry corrupt corporation (ABIM/ABMS) run by professional medical politicians reflects back as a mirror on all the medical boards and their dark horse umbrella. This dark mass lording over the whole is a subsidiary/merged partner of the AMA with spokes tied to their consolidated inwardly radiating revenue streams. By "inwardly radiating" I refer to the fact that the bulk of physician MOC (and certification) moneys feed executive greed and political ideology and not invested in improving quality of care. This dark mass, known as the "quality assurance cartel", has illegally merged as one entity colluding with the fascia of corporate special interests, which they obviously all represent. Pale riders such as Chris Cassel, Bob Wachter and Rich Baron have been creating and inflicting much pain for patients and the medical profession. The hypocrisy and greed of the few has overpowered the many who are inflicted with agony and resentment. It is surprising that a few with the guns of regulatory capture can overpower hundreds of thousands of physicians and millions of patients who suffer pacing back and forth in their cages.

Anonymous said...

This illicit fascia of organizations/corporations, with its manipulative and monopolistic stranglehold over medicine, perpetrated and implemented a schema involving restraint of trade via MOC's onerous mandates and excessive financial requirements. They do so in a one-two knockout punch for patients and physicians. This tightly bound fascia is comprised of the ABMS, ACGME, along with sundry NGO's - including the other parent of the ABIM, the ACP.

Medical ethics and moral integrity died at the ABMS and ACGME the day MOC was born - if not earlier under the earlier helm of Thomas "big tobacco" Brem. It is time for change. Reform or closure of many of these uniquely fraudulent and cunning quality assurance corporations is overdue and indictments are a must to send a message to the corrupt mass of executives at the head who will only repeat the same, if given no clear signal that it will be punished is signaled to them. Laws of the land should and will be enforced and not ignored by giving a free ride to the manipulative and cunning elite few, such as we see inhabiting the ABIM and ABMS.

Until reform, shutdown, and prison-sentences are meted out, I recommend a line-item veto of MOC's regulatory capture and corporate mandates in each and every state and territory. In other words pass lethal legislation to the guns of MOC. And organize/arrange for an en-mass refusal to pay and participate in MOC.

The many can overwhelm the few when there is an orderly spirit and passion to do so. We must learn from the destructive passivity of the past, which has led to nightmares even worse than MOC. If MOC cannot be ended now, it means we have a sorry state of affairs in the world where the concept of "we the people" will be lost forever to "we the corporation". Government will be of, for, and by the corporation and the special interests and elites they serve.

If we can't stop MOC, which is a simple task compared to stopping the colossal world wars that have ravaged the earth and taken millions of lives, only a whisper of humanity and constitutional rights will remain. And we can count on a repetition of the horrors of the past. Do one necessary thing together, such as eradicating/banning mandated MOC, and it will by like lifting a feather.

TB said...

Absolutely nothing good has ever come from the hubristic ABMS or its pompous medical boards.

Farewell ABMS LOL said...

The medical boards are totally out of their minds losing touch with reality long ago. Unfortunately, it has gotten so out of hand that intervention is necessary. The financial burden they impose on the profession and the public threatens to bankrupt healthcare. The medical boards threaten the profession of medicine by inhibiting and even destroying a physician's ability to do their jobs. The public is burdened with taxing financial obligations and lack of access to medical care.

This grumpy old ABMS has been drinking itself to death in the gutter of corruption and propaganda for years making a market for itself in the land of public fraud, pink elephants and self-deception.

ABIM/ABMS now needs the very special and personal touch medical care of Dr. Christine K. Cassel and the wise choices of Dr. Rich Baron more than ever. The ABMS/ABIM needs these political snake charmers to diagnose, confirm and administer their treatment plan - after consulting, of course, with Dr. Shame at the AHRQ and the father/first president of the ABIM, now retired and not answering any questions to the public or media.

Anonymous said...

Don't let your imaginations run too wild about the treatment plan, it may not be as radical as the pseudo physicians listed above.

The ABIM party of political chefs recommends full immersion in a bath of cannabis oil for no less than five minutes and daily massages with the stuff thereafter to revive the luster of the ABMS - propping up these figurehead proxy-puppets for the medical industrial complex until the end of time.

Hopefully, no one will notice what happened to their patient (ABMS medical boards) and inquire about their ability to carry out any meaningful tasks.

Their prime concern is to cheat the profession and the public. They need to keep the Ponzi scams going in order to offshore more money invested improperly in Ireland and the Cayman Islands. All this shameful activity just for the retirement packages/golden parachutes of the likes of Rich Baron and all the rest of the corrupt professional medical politicians at the ABMS.

Yes, they sold out their professional ethics and their profession to the highest bidders.

MOC Busters (Comparing the ABMS and EU Intelligentsia) said...

DREXIT (Doctors are paying shed loads of money to the ABMS for nothing.

ABMS MOC is a graVy train for elites.)

S.O.S. for the rent seekers (ABMS) when their lease runs out and the gravy train (MoC) dries up on their shingle.

Talking Heads said...

Nothing the ABMS, ABIM, ACP and ACGME and their myriad of cartel partners say can ever be believed. It is not possible for the profession of medicine or the public to work with such corrupt and conflicted quality assurance NGO's who's self-appointed executives and boards are shameless, short on integrity and honesty, and have proven themselves unworthy of trust.

Revolving door practices along with conflicted board members serving on each other's boards, committees, and commissions perpetuate this profoundly profitable exhibition of public fraud. They have been conjuring up their charms and harms to the profession of medicine and the public in the dark for decades and this lack of transparency comes in the forms of obfuscation, deception, disinformation, deflection, outright propaganda, and we have seen no change even when they have been confronted and exposed.

It is telling that the organization which I intentionally left out of the corrupt mix above, the American Medical Association, did nothing except turn a blind eye/suppressed and even altered the voting results and passionate determination of the AMA House of Delegates, when they resolved to end mandatory MOC. How long ago was that and what do we hear now from the AMA now about anything that matters? What is their agenda? I think most would include the AMA in the list of shameless and corrupt organizations who have not only monetized their organizations beyond belief having now they have nothing to do with physician and patient well-being. The AMA has politicized their organization to the point that nobody can believe what they say or do as well.

Not incidentally, the AMA along with the ACP (and others) created the ABIM, and helped establish the other medical boards as well, along with the ABMS advisory/umbrella. The medical boards were not established for the purposes that :they" say. The medical boards were not designed to be independent organizations but highly dependent and subordinate corporations - malleable to their interests, special interests and fleeting (and not so fleet) corporate and political agendas of the last eight decades.

The "New ABIM" at face value said...

"Passing your boards demonstrates that you have met rigorous standards and have the clinical judgment, skills and attitudes essential for the delivery of excellent patient care."

- ABIM website, March 21, 2018

Phyician MOC conscription and the coerced payments, which are extorted and squeezed out of clinical doctors annually go for propaganda and slick ads talking up the ABIM's own delusional invention of a "new ABIM".

There is no "new ABIM", there are only copious amounts of personal largess, and a general wasteful expenditure of physician's money as always, not on improving the quality of patient care, but on the invention of a new look for the ABIM.

The personal largess of the ABMS comes in the form of the historically unprecented obscene payouts to exeutives and officers, including ultra-elite healthcare benefits packages, work from home or anywhere-you-like contracts. The largess includes/included golden parachutes, luxury condos with chauffeurs, first class spousal travel, and additional perks that are not listed anywhere on the IRS tax forms.

These additional items of financial dispersement are often undocumented such as hidden payments and hush money to hire their own undisclosed felonious thugs, like Benjamin Mannes, to act as bouncers for private political entertainment/lobbying committees and at personal parties thrown at physican expense for who knows what kinds of activities. Actual felons and dozens of subordinate thugs have been secretly contracted and hired by the ABIM/ABMS primarily to intimidate and illegally/unethically ivestigate doctors in secret, acting like a private personal deep state police force or syndicate strongmen for the CEO.

Thugs have served the past CEO Christine Cassel to further political and financial agendas and aims. The current ABIM CEO Richard Baron has benefited personally from the use of felons and several dozens of subordinate thugs acting as political and financial hitmen to benefit himself personally to gain his current position. These thugs benefited executives and board members not only to help increase and maintain revenue streams but to enhance salaries. The ABMS cartel and organizations like the ACP benefited from sudden demonization and persecution of physicians involved in competing board reveiw courses. ACP moved into the tri-state area which ABR served for nearly two decades before the ABIM hitmen shut them down in a well-coordinated attack not unlike what governments are capable of to suppress dissent or destroy freedoms in banana republics. It is a documented fact that corporate and politically motivated thugs were used to increase market share and enhance the political positions of Christine Cassel, Richard Baron and their cronies. (ACP receives/received money from the ABIM Foundation.)

Such undocumented and undisclosed individuals violated every constitutional right and privacy standard that physicians, their families and competing board review companies who were attacked and persecuted are entitled to in the United States.

Nouveau Rich of the "New ABIM" said...

The only "new ABIM" I know of is an autonomous aristorcratic partisan political machine invented in the 1960's until the present day meant to influence private and public opinion and policy in order to serve special interest groups who have paid huge salaries to ABIM executives, board members and officers. Dr. Baron falls into the category of corrupt arrogant individuals relying on undisclosed felons to harm and eliminate comptetition.

Let's be blunt. Dr. Baron is a part of the same old ABIM, which is comprised of and is part of a fraudulent quality assurance cartel and certification/testing/surveillance/data collection enterprise - a corrupt monopoly known as the ABIM/ABMS and affiliates. The ABIM serves and has served for decades as a political and financial arm of the ABMS and affiliated organizations. Parent corporations AMA and ACP have been prominent in creating and maintaining this monopoly for their own personal control and manipulation of political and financial enterprises, or ones they serve.

Moreover, the above quote about passing your boards being the acme of achievment and qualification to practice medicine taken from the ABIM website is cpmplete malarckey. It is not true, has never been true and has never been demonstrated to be true with any independent objective study.

Psychosis, fraud and endless propaganda are the rules of the day at the ABMS cartel and its affiliates. These are the infamous facts about the "new ABIM" and its corrupt business partners.

Delusion, deceit, lies and unethical behavior, numerous illicit acts any normal person would deem to be outside the margins of the law.

ABMS/ACGME International said...

Contradictory and nefarious non-profit corporations made "of profit, for profit, by profit"

Expansion/increasing partnerships are ongoing thrusts at the monopolistic ABMS/ACGME in order to increase revenue and profits for executives and further their political agendas and control. It should be troubling to any observer that the ABMS/ACGME cartel has been pushing out competing sytems, independents and any sparse competition that remains. It should be obvious by now that what they have been doing harms the medical profession and the patients they serve.

ABMS/ACGME executives and operators have a tainted history of offering lucrative business deals/contracts to enhance their control of the markets and bottom lines. Or they seek to destroy trade with threats that restrict or take away a physician's right to work or be compensated.

And we see extreme forms of brutal consolidation and takeover of entire markets with threat of elimination and actual elimination of competing business entities. We saw this in the New Jersey and New York markets with the ABMS/ACGME use of secret felons, pay-for-hire attorneys and other corporate thugs.

Physicians and patients interested in providing and receiving proper care should realize, the ABIM acts as part of a larger organization with coordination of activities as part of the daily operations of the ABMS/ACGME cartel. Lucrative contracts have been given and continue to be awarded for exectution of nefarious activities as we will point out in the next paragraph with examples of the ACGME/ABMS expansionary thrusts into international markets (as well as domestic ones). This push is not to enhance quality in healthcare delivery or educational models, but merely to consolidate and control "education" and "quality" as profitable services and commodities.

ABMS and the creation of ABMS International is a good example of a quality assurance cartel going backwards in quality (dilution by expansion and compromise) and pushing forwawrd in terms of potential profits and control of markets (additions/creation of for-profit subsidiaries).

Anonymous said...

The ongoing aggravated assault on a physician's right to work and a patient's right to care

To help illustrate what is to many a de facto statement/point about the ABMS/ACGME cartel being a monopoly with conflicted executives, unbridled profit motives and menacing corporate practices, consider this: ABMS/ACGME and ABMS International and ACGME International have been comprised of several of the same political and financial hitmen as described above in the previous blog posting about the "nouveau rich" of the ABMS/ACGME.

Revolvers/henchmen such as Kevin Weiss and Eric Holmboe (past ABMS and ABIM executives respectively, now hold senior positions at the ACGME). Weiss and Holmboe have been part of the incestuous ABMS/ACGME cartel for years and it is obvious to anyone who takes the time to investigate that these are for-profit corporations working in tandem. And it is fairly plain to see what special interests they serve.

The Queen of COI, Christine Cassel, former head of the ABIM and ABIM Foundation, ACP, NQF, is a prime example of receipt of money from the industry for services rendered as another corporate/government revolver. Richard Baron, ABIM's current CEO (CMS, NCQA, NQF) is another prime example. All these individuals received personal riches and enhancement of their earnings/positions from the ABMS/ACGME cartel for their nefarious acts and services.

These henchmen and the "quality assurance" cartel they serve should be investigated by the current DOJ, DOH and Department of State for business irregularities, political activities, constitutional violations against others, restraint of trade, use of strongman tactics and potential bribes and hush money used in conducting their nefaious business/legal activities and containing leaks/covering up investigations/using intimidation and fear mongering as their most common weapon to keep physicians paying and under control.

Loss of livelihood for physicians with mandatory MOC partipcation and certification no longer being voluntary is another reflection of the current restraint/monopolization of trade and mistreatment of physicans and their patients. With the cartel's threats of cancellation/revocation/sanctions/letters, this makes one hell of a toolkit designed for doing one thing and one thing only. Fear-mongering and intimidation with the horrific extortion of money. And this is accepted practice in the industry for a "private charitable testing company"?

Yes, it is a monopoly excercising a restraint of trade when there are no recognized alternatives and one corporate franchise and its powerful partners/associates make the rules and call all the shots.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money and the nefarious truth is right there about the quality assurance cartel

Corrupt corporations (secretive tax-exempt charities and societies) conducting themselves in contemptable and repulsive manners are exposed and presented for what and who they are in plain direct langauge - presented in the broad daylight under the bright sun of social media.

Some of the ACGME/ABMS corruption is highligted

Restraint of trade, racketeering, corportate hitmen creating mahem to destroy competititon. Violatory acts against individuals. Violatory acts againts the constition and bill of rights. Price rigging. Hiding profits from the IRS. Lying on tax forms. Geographical manipulations to avoid tax laws involving the intentional creation of fraudulent tax returns. Money laundering, bribery, hush money. Offshoring of wealth. Self-dealing on an unprcendented scale. Use of undisclosed felons to intimidate and destroy Americans' privacy and legal rights. Unilateral decisions to create two-year testing using conflicted partners' educational services, testing facilities, and at home/in office beta software/platformsu that require (unvetted) third-parties that are full of security problems and potential data breeches/invasion of privacy/requirements to sign ongoing onerous take-it-or-leave-it legal contracts leaving one vulnerable to criminal and civil prosecution.

What we have at the ACGME/ABMS cartel are unprecendented acts of public fraud and nefarious financial and political activities involving collusion on a grand international scale. Corrupt executives are manipulating/rigging the credentialing and certification markets for personal profit and to enhance political agendas.

"About ABMS Singapore, LLC
ABMS Singapore, LLC, is a subsidiary of ABMS. It was developed to partner with Singapore to enhance physician specialist assessments by adapting evaluation and certification methods established by ABMS and its 24 Member Boards."

Didymus said...

The Blind Blinding the Blind

Physicians live in a fairy tale world of fantasy where everyone is increaingly becoming out of touch with reality. This fantasy world was created in part by the ABIM and their greedy partners in crime at the ABMS when they invented a new mission for themselves just as their intitial mission was coming to an end over five decades ago. The exact year and day the ABIM/ABMS mission ended is recorded in history books and can be easily discerned. Internal ABIM documents and bylaws confirm this if one takes time to read the documents. But the dye on the organization was cast and they recognized the lack of need for certification after the first intitial decades.

Now the ABIM and other ABMS medical boards are just using docs. They are taking physisicans for a ride. It is time to wake up to reality. Certification never made a better physician and it never will. The first illustrious ABIM certificates were all self-bestowed certificates by a few originating founders. Nine of them. They certified each other and a few of their allies back in 1936 with a simple few generic questions and essay style answers.

Now there are multiple choice answers for convenience of scoring, but neither testing regime ever made perfect sense or better physicians. The first certificate holders in 1936 numbered 27. It was all voluntary and nobody was going to lose their job if they said, sorry it's not for me.

I find the whole ongoing certification fiasco to be one big joke. The change of ABIM venue, bylaws and subsequent corporate heist took place over five decades ago. Reality was supplanted with fantasy and fairy tale fabrications about the importance of certification. It was all created/invented to control physicians and take their money. Now the corrupt delusional executives who were also self-created get even more money with their cunning invention of MOC.

CME is wonderful, but not the fantasy kind of the ABMS that robs docs blind and makes idiots and fools out of everyone - physicians and patients.

Before the ABIM/ABMS "did its MOC number" on physicians, they created fantastic images about themselves and indoctrinated the fear of "god" (after their own image) into docs. There was the ACGME also doing its part on housestaff along with the AMA and ACP to corroborate the fables and tales about certification and themselves. Especially the false reviews about themselves.

Here just sign up and tell us all about yourselves they all say. Let us have all your personal and credentialling history. We will take good care of you and your data. In the early 20th century the AMA created their own FBI to spy on others and take them down. More on that later, or just look through this blog or "google" it. Everyone is taking control of your data and making use of it. Even the benign Facebood that is alleged to have a component of Mr. Trust's Facebook aligned with the needs of the CIA and NSA.

How about the ACP and their part they play to control their people with their vast political machine. Well they have no good sense at the ACP that I can see, mostly political, and apparently they have very scant good medical sense as well, but they keep pretending that they do.

Anonymous said...

The Science of Exploitation through Fear

Before the ACGME puts fear into the hearts of the housestaff and program directors, the AAMC does their intitial share and continues to do its part to indoctrinate and instill fear into the young would-be physicians in training. This practice officially dates all the way back to the 1920's (and before) when the AAMC started keeping official files on physicians (undergrads and med students) in the name of "scientific investigation". If you did not meet their profile you would not get into medical school. Or you could be drummed out for other reasons.

Politics played a part in who got in and who did not at the AAMC and that discrimination of who you are and what you beleive is coming back with the beta versions of the uploaded personal statement the AAMC executives are now requiring at the time of application for medical school. If you do not meet the vision of the future they have in mind, then you might not get into medical school. And you can be sure it is a partisan one. (Of course they will not admit that, but it is true looking over executivie histories and personal politial agendas. )

And the AMA had its files on practicing medical practicioners way back in the early twentieth centurey with their office or FBI-style bureau of investigations. Just think of it, their own FBI for harming others that they did not want around. The "bureau" existed for decades and was used for many purposes, but they were not good purposes. Nothing has changed. The ABIM served as the bureaus desk for their private FBI.

Shocking yes, but these people are not in jail, because physicians are indoctrinated and believe in their good shephards and cowherds at the ABMS, ACGME, ACP, and AMA. And that is partly why none of these public frauds are in jail. It is hard to break free and see what abuse they do. Docs are an abused and psychologically battered lot.

If fantasy is what patients and physicians want then physicians should sign up for certification and MOC and keep paying until the Grim Reaper takes them.

Or there is a better pathway. One could fight to restore some semblance of sanity and reality into our lives by creating a more real and responsible means for testing knowldege and creating the tailoring relevent knowledge that fits the real and ongoing needs of physicians.

The current ABMS regime insists that physicians keep eating the same old musty grass with their multiple test questions; it's the same old cud. And stuffing the insoucient brains of physicians and patients with the same old ABMS BS.

Why? It's all about the money and the power they broker with it. It always been.

D Force said...


How can a corporate trademark stir up so much angst among doctors?

Payments said...

Pay up!®

Never mind the little distractions that might deter you from paying your testing, registration and maintenance fees.

ABIM Chairmen: Inspired by money ignoring safety? said...

Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT)

Bob Wachter/Adam Singer IPC and HEAT - DOJ and HHS - Scandal

What did the ABIM chairman/board director know and when did he know it?

Anonymous said...

it's an evil power game involving sickos who fear being exposed
their definiton of voluntary leaves out the part about how their partners hold you down on the ground while they thrust their products on you
you would not understand unless you worked for them for over a decade, sacrificing your best years, and they brought in an outsider to discredit you because you questioned their hiring practices and how they treated folks