Monday, March 05, 2018

Physicians and the Remarkable Power of Social Media

Social media is proving remarkably powerful for physicians across all subspecialties to voice their opinion on US Physician Board certification. Respondents to the Practicing Physician of America survey on US Physician Board Certification circulating via social media channels appears to be reaching all subspecialties in a proportion remarkably similar to the 2016 AAMC published workforce numbers:

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There is power in numbers. We could not have had such a response without so many dedicated clinical physicians from all specialties taking the 6-minutes or so needed to complete the survey. There's still time to add your voice (and those of your colleagues) to the survey if you have not done so already.

We'll be wrapping up the survey to clean the database in the next few weeks. Please be sure to take the time to make your voices heard.

With heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues -



MOC's bogus thought leaders (thoughtless people spinning images) said...

From Brem to Cassel to Baron, the pimping for special interests continues. From big tobacco to the big insurers and mega corporations, there are no words for the corruption, egregious conflicts of interest and moral decadence that comprises the organizations and executive parasites at the ABMS. They have been infecting the premises for decades with their deviant interpretation of certification, continuous learning.

Hollow people parroting the need for malevolent mandates just to propagate the industry of MOC and the billions of dollars it generates for them. Just like a broken recording, these bogus thought leaders who are incapable of independent thought.

The horned one and his helpers said...

If social media that we have today existed in 1987, there would have been no chance for the devil to move his desk over to the ABMS, make him self at home, and commence to invent new ways to deceive the world. Looks like the devil had a lot of helpers admiring his horns when they created MOC. The evil ways and traditions continues unabated at the house of the unholy.

L&G said...

What is MOC and what should be done with it?

Flush it down the toilet.

That pretty much covers it.

IM said...

I hate it (MOC)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accountability said...

Dr Baron has a checkered past that he would like to forget/ignore helping Chris Cassel and Bob Wachter turn the ABIM into a nefarious organization, promoting moc to maintain the profligate lifestyles of the executives and position the organization for partisan political activities. They appear to be serving corporate America and not the public. The profession they serve at the ABIM/ABMS, if any, is not as advertised.

One very troubling concern is the silence on important issues. Rich Baron never addressed any questions about who the luxury condo was purchased for and what it was used for. He has never spoken about his role in Casselgate and the hiring of a felon to "break the knuckles" of competing board review courses, and all the sundry violatory acts against physicians.

We don't hate anyone as this is a destructive emotion, but Dr. Baron has turned into one of the biggest phonies (frauds) of them all in the ABMS lineup of the most unwanted sell-outs on the planet posing as physicians.

If they are really serious about their "we are listening" campaign, the ABMS can do the following:

I propose that the ABIM, ABMS umbrella organization and every member board hold weekly question and answer session with the media and their clients. The CEO and CFO should be available and respond to any and all serious questions.

Furthermore, at a minimum, the ABIM/ABMS should send a survey and in short order put to a vote the question of MOC and whether it should be required of physicians or ended completely and immediately as the AMA House of Delegates resolved.

Self-regulation is a fictional account of reality propagated by the ABMS and others. Voluntary participation in MOC is also a fictional account of facts. Both statements are fraudulent business assertion of the ABMS and all the member boards. These misstatements need to be forthrightly addressed and corrected without deception or misdirection.

If a clinical physicians put false assertions in their patient notes, what would be the consequence?

Truth Teller said...

It astounds me that a private corporation, whose executives lie through their teeth, would be allowed to masquerade as a medical board.

Taking the "Devil" by the Horns said...

ABMS/ABIM/AMA and the Politics of Money (Healthcare IT News)

The 1% (actually a fraction thereof) innovating for the 99% for profit?

Andy Slavitt entrpeneur turned venture capitalist has been embroiled in controversy and federal lawsuits for billing fraud in the past over his "high tech innovations to facilitate better billing practices".

The former CMS head now claims to be a champion of senior citizens and other vulnerable citizens working for a non-profit, while at the same time keeping his venture capital activities in healthcare close to the chest. Slavitt was honored by the AMA in 2017 for his service to the public. Others say he has been less than ethical in the way he has conducted himself in business.

Slavitt has a severe conflict of interest in the non-profit boards he inhabits and the private enterprises he is engaged in. They overlap into his areas of investment.

Slavitt was the only CMS director in history who was allowed to keep his stock (United Health Group) when he became the CMS acting head. The media never followed this or updated the public on whether he actually sold any of his shares. Ownership of these shares represented which exhibited an egregious conflict of interest.

If you want to learn more about the ABIM and ABMS. Follow the money. And follow politics. That's where their intersts lie. Don't follow the propaganda put out by the ABIM.

Endless Egregious COI said...

The Hidden Message Coming From the AMA (Conflicts of Interest R Us is the Message)

More about former ABIM Chairman Bob Wachter and Christine Sinsky's (ABIM/ABIMF) private enterprise activities and their conflicts of interest. Release the ABMS executive and boards' PERSONAL TAX FORMS

Epic, ABIM officers (present and past) and the AMA EHR "studies"

ABIM's Christine Sinsky owns shares in Healthfinch which is working closely with EPIC

Read the comments to Dr. Wes as well.

Matrix of Control (MOC®) said...

Is ABIM online two-year home/office testing secure? Why are doctors being asked to plug into the ABMS Cartel Matrix when the technology is still untested and admittedly "dumb technology"? (The first tests they say will not count, but the pass or fail will go on your record.)

Beta technology such as the untested online proctored testing technology the ABIM will use always has its security vulnerabilities.

MOC is all about the money and physicians (cash cows) being coerced into feeding the ABMS Maintenance of Cash product and service lines. Simply amazing that physicians are being treated like commercial chattel forced to pay for the undeserved luxurious lifestyles of the elite professional medical politicians. Who pay tons of money to maintain the lie of MOC and its benefit to the public. Physicians do. And the taxpayer! What a scam.

And the "evil one" (or his proxy) said, delivering his corporate propaganda/paid advertising with such a well-rehearsed straight face:

Anonymous said...

United Kingdom's NHS Digital Academy and Bob Wachter (Soon to be Sir Robert did not mention MOC or LUV in the interview! He did not want to muck up his chances for knighthood with mention of his involvement with propagating and defending the ABIM MOC scheme.)

"Life moment!! Listening to digital health legend1 @ukpenguin interview digital health legend2 @Bob_Wachter for the @NHSDigAcademy....utterly brilliant, insightful, inspiring & bold #HIMMS18 #privileged"

Anonymous said...

It seems the only checks and balances at the ABMS and ABIM come from social media and fear of being exposed.
If it were not Chuck Kroll/Dr Wes and others scrutinizing the finances of the ABIM and medical boards and this blog exposing the condo scandal and so much more of the rotten apples in the ABMS barrel, there is no telling what worse situation we would be in concerning MOC. So much of the progress has come from watchdog volunteers and major media attention from Newsweek. The pressure needs to be increased on this wholly unregulated group of merged companies which constitutes one of the largest monopolies.

HAL said...

ABIM Two-Year Online Proctored Testing Scam Using Partners WoltersKluwers/Pearson/Unknown Third Parties

Five more chances to fail every ten years and five times more likely to have data compiled on you - or personal data stolen.

Go ahead and take the pill and go to sleep and do nothing about MOC; then see how hard it is to take back your life after you wake up abruptly one day with the ABIM giving you a chilling hello from within your data/computer/communications systems.

It will be like a scene out of 2001 Space Odyssey with artificial intelligence and the ABMS embedded in your life and you have even less control/autonomy that now.

"Open the pod doors Hal."

"Sorry, Dave, I can't do that."

Anonymous said...

ABIM executives do not like to put contractors and major financial partners down on their 990 tax filings. Why? Are they so embarrassed by the fact that they are pimps for Pearson, PLC, and whores for Wolters Kluwer (UpToDate). They are egregiously conflicted with insurance companies, hospital associations and hundreds of NGO's and corporations such the ACMGE, AHA, JC, NCQA, AMA, ACP, Robert Wood Johnson, Kaiser Permantente, GlaxoSmithKline and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Elsevier, and on and on. Transparency is a thing of the past for corrupt NGO's like the ABIM and their nefarious "non-profit" partners that dodge taxes, and laws, and thumb their noses at ethics - while projecting/professing ethics and professionalism. They obfuscate to confuse the public, profession and authorities form zeroing in on their obvious monopolization of the markets, restraint of trade and racketeering which includes their famous extortion/price rigging with other member boards and affiliates. It is a mix graft and corruption that the DOJ and IRS should get familiar with and prosecute. When will they public wake up sufficiently to see how healthcare is overrun by overlords who are taking such a large piece of the money at the expense of quality and the public.