Friday, June 30, 2017

Texas Anti-MOC Compromise Bill to Go Into Effect 1 Jan 2018

Here's the link to the actions taken on Texas Senate Bill 1148 signed into law 15 Jun 2017:



Another Top "No MOC" Advocate? said...

The President of the Association of American Medical Colleges does not participate in MOC.

MOC matters not to the top doctor and educator of all physicians in the United States of American and abroad wherever the AAMC emblem is proudly displayed. Darrel G Kirch, MD does not participate in MOC and never did.

MOC matters not to the past President of the AAMC Jordon J Cohen (1994-2006) who in now President Emeritus.

Jordon J. Cohen does not participate in MOC. In fact the ABIM has stripped Dr. Cohen of his critical care certification for not participating. How respectful is that to the former top doctor and educator of physicians in the US and abroad?!y2U=.aspx

From the AAAMC website:

"What we do matters"

"Since 1876, the AAMC has offered services, products, and resources to help tomorrow’s doctors."

Biography of Darrell G. Kirch, MD

Leading by example said...

Prominent ABMS Diplomate, Christine Cassel Does Not Participate in MOC

Christine K. Cassel, the most prominent ABIM CEO physician/politician/educator in the United States, with honorary international degrees, and the founding dean of the new Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine does not participate in MOC.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Baron and the ABIM have taken Dr. Cassel's certification in geriatric medicine from her, not for being culpable of egregious conflicts of interest, ethics breaches and cheating, but for her non-participation in MOC. How ironic when she was close to or at least a worthy candidate for being indicted on charges of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

In fact, if Dr. Cassel had certified in internal medicine on or after 1990, her internal medicine certificate would have been removed along wither her geriatrics certificate and Cassel would be listed as not certified in internal medicine as well.

Anonymous said...

On this July 4th weekend we mark the start of the new academic medical year and the birth of our nation. A nation that was forged by the heat of Founding Fathers who embraced liberty and the individual spirit while remaining circumspect of centralized power. It is time that we focus on the only way to wrangle the administrator physician and this new, unregulated, ungoverned, irresponsible, reckless subset of the Medical Industrial Complex- the ABMS and the ABIM. We need the Federal Government to stop turning a blind eye and cast a bright, white hot light into the dark corners of Walnut Street and in Chicago. The notion that hundreds of millions of dollars can wash through these parasitic organizations with zero oversight is insane. The average clinician will be challenged for prescriptions, hospital length of stay, utilization of all kinds range from a handful of dollars to thousands of dollar. Yet the sickening irony is our society will screw its eyes shut as the ABMS and the ABIM fleeces the American Public with non sensical MOC edicts designed to burden and hinder the delivery of health care. Congress needs to wake up and Federalize the entire ABIM and the ABMS. Is it reasonable to pass the Sunshine Act for physicians that exposes their financial activities but to neglect the same type of Federal legislation for these corrupt, wasteful pro-MOC warlords?

Shame on the ABMS and the ABIM. Your lack of contrition, your lack of self-awareness and your operational failure has made an utter mockery of American Medicine.

You will all pay dearly for adding crushing misery on the backs of clinicians.

Over One Million Served said...

If the psychologies of the ABMS leaders were investigated objectively, one would conclude that these individuals had very little interest in patient populations at all, except as consumers and users of finite resources and services that need limits placed on them.

But this is where these ABMS executives earn their money. Limits are to be achieved in a way that those limits do not place any restriction on their own conspicuous consumption and lavish use of those same finite resources and services.

SAR and DAR said...

We had a revolution in the New World over 240 years ago because of taxation without representation.
We had a revolution over unfair restrictions of trade. Our oppressors monopolized the markets.
We had a revolution because we had no say in our own money supply.

MOC as a financial and educational mandate is not just a burdensome tax and labor without any representation, it is a veritable shakedown. Show them the way to Boston Harbor.

Regarding fair trade. We have a situation worse than our forefathers in that trade is being restricted to the point that one will not be able to work in their profession at all if one does not participate in MOC--a useless, onerous, and even destructive activity. Where is the will to action? Where is the Liberty Tree?

And finally about the money. It's all about the money. We are the money supply for our oppressors. We are printing their money for them just like we were a printing press. Just in order for them to oppress us politically and financially. Being forced to pay is the prime source of the problem. We are their Central Bank.

ABMS, you den of venomous snakes with your public charmers like Rich Baron, don't tread on me.

Anonymous said...

We need to get every state to provide safeguards to this illegal protection racket. No loopholes for the crooked industry next time. How about an investigation by the Feds of the whole corrupt quality assurance/testing industry? Get that clause put into the next bill.