Friday, November 04, 2016

Teirstein vs. Nora

Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD of the American Board of Medical Specialties vs. Paul Teirstein, MD of the National Board of Medical Specialties debate at the California Medical Association meeting 16 October 2016:

Nora was given  20 minutes to speak.

Teirstein was given 10 minutes (but California Medical Association members booed until he got another 5 minutes).

Definitely worth a 14-minute viewing for it shows the revolving door of non-profit interests that maintain the MOC monopoly as only Paul Teirstein, MD can:


Dr. Teirstein's slides can be downloaded here or a a pdf of his slides can be viewed here.


Monsterrat said...

The forces of light versus the forces of evil.

Hola! Me gustaría que estuvieras aquí!

Don’t know very much about “why” said...

"Doing What Might Be Wrong"

presented by Elizabeth Bernabeo, Kathryn Ross & Eric Holmboe, ABIM

Who paid for this presentation and "study"?
It is a definitive description of the ABIM and its modus operandi. I would tighten up the title though, edit it to be more accurate.

Title should be, "Doing what is wrong."

Anonymous said...

It is a question of obedience.

The psychology of tyrrany

Cut off the money source, starve the monster

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The ABMS is a jewel in their tyrannical crown. ABIM is just another part of the Evil Empire of corruption. Buyer and voter beware. ABIM and the ABIMF should be investigated by an impartial special prosecutor in conjunction with the other scandals that our DOJ is bending over backwards on not to investigate thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

ABIM physician fees going to political lobbying and campaigning?

It is the sad truth. And they will continue to get away with it unless we stop it. How can we stop a corrupt organization like the ABIM when it is part of the mechanism of control? What was once voluntary certification has morphed into a racketeering scheme involving price fixing and the creation of a testing and "quality assurance" monopoly.

The ABIM/ABMS shapes healthcare policy in this country while the profligate "DINO" executives enrich themselves. Physicians are the witting and unwitting financiers of a criminal enterprise. The DOJ know about this, but does nothing. The ABIM is breaking the law of the land and they are connected to a vast politically motivated financial enterprise.

IRS tax rulings/law forbids almost everything that the ABIM/ABMS engages in on a regular basis. Aiding and abetting in a crime is not only immoral, it is illegal and punishable under the law. It is time to clean up the "quality assurance" racket. And it is time for physicians and patients to get out of the business. We all need to stop it. Stop paying into it and report it. Demand that something is done. We must stop supporting ABIM Foundation's Choosing Wisely. There is a high degree of probability of unintended consequences resulting from CW that harm patients; and this puts physicians at risk.

CW is an untested politically motivated social program that has no place at a non-profit testing company. We must think together about it.

We must work hard to move beyond where we are today. The stakes are too high right now and to put it of any longer is not a correct response to the challenge; tomorrow will be too late.

Anonymous Lisa said...

Anonymous noted "...DOJ is bending over backwards on not to investigate thoroughly"

If anyone is still undecided about election day then consider, not just the Supreme Court appointments, but also what kind of DOJ you would like to have. If you have an issue that does not fit into the Justice Dept's agenda of issues they want to work on then you are out of luck. I never thought I would see this much lawlessness in my country. If we want to get different genitals and be validated then we are in luck and will have all of our "human rights" fought hard for. Not to marginalize people for whom this is an issue, but other human rights violations, corruption and lawlessness are quite frankly going to be swept under the rug.

If you want the DOJ to act on the MOC issue now then it seems like you would have to form a trangendered medical association (TMA). Personally, I've seen strong evidence that penis-pay would be much higher for me. Nonetheless, I am not flexible about keeping my original equipment and using it for it's God-designed usage.

I would like to see a DOJ that is focused on what I think is the organizations original intent of stopping corruption and general evil (and this should include some of what the DOJ already does if there is a serious problem, not just chasing everyone around the bathroom, but it seems like there could be issues with unusual populations, and we want to respect their needs without violating our own rights).

There's one candidate who will continue a social engineering issues based DOJ, one who is also popping up on twitter under hashtags like #Wikileaks #PodestaEmails28 #SpiritCooking

There is another candidate, whose personal style not every likes, but is promising to #DrainTheSwamp. I expect this would include bringing in special prosecutors for certain things that require the government's attention. It would be nice to find deliverance from lawlessness. I hope everyone will consider this in deciding whom to vote for. Doctors by the way, are already being replaced with foreign VISA workers. So if you have not finished paying off your loans, think about that too.