Friday, October 21, 2016

It Just Takes One

A physician pushes for reform in Maryland to make ABMS Maintenance of Certification (MOC) voluntary:
I have just got off the phone with Mary Beth Carozza, my State Delegate. Following in the wake of legal actions against MOC in OK, MI, Florida, and others, I expressed to her that I wish to have her champion legislation ending compulsory MOC in Maryland. The bill I’d offer basically says, if you wish to participate in Maintenance of Certification efforts, you are welcome to, if you do NOT, no employer, payer, etc. can use your board certification status to hire, fire, pay, not pay, promote, demote, etc. you. It makes MOC voluntary.

If you love MOC, truly believe that it’s improved the quality of your patient care, made you a better doctor, and that it’s completely worth the time, effort, and $$ you’ve invested, and you care not one bit how your board has used that tremendous surge in their income, then I apologize for having bothered you with this, feel free to delete without reading further.

If you disagree with the essentially obligatory nature of MOC, then the time has come for you to do something. ...
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Each state can do this, and it just takes one dedicated physician at a time to move the needle. Kudos to Dr. Fernley.


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Anonymous said...

It only takes one, so fight! Pass legislation to end MOC before it is too late.

It only take one, because the AMA has been shocked to the core by what Fisher, Eichenwald, Kroll, Cutler, and so many others have revealed about ABIM's self-serving corrupt bloated bureaucracy.

It only takes one, because the AMA House of Delegates has voted their conscience to recommend ending mandatory MOC.

It only takes one, because the Pennsylvania Medical Society gave the ABIM a vote of no confidence and announced hiring attorneys to conduct an investigation of the ABIM.

It only takes one, because the state of Oklahoma has paved the way to end mandatory MOC.

It only takes one, because everyone sees that the ABIM has been involved in fraud, money laundering, racketeering and political cronyism.

It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel, and the ABIM is full of bad apples.

It only takes one exposed felon with their secret dirty tricks and violatory criminal actions to prove to the world how low the ABIM can go.

It only takes one to start a competing certification board with stricter CME requirements and say no to conflicts of interest.

It only takes one voice to stand up and change things working together with other ethical people in the spirit of simple honest cooperation.