Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Physician Does Not Participate in MOC

In case anyone cares, Lisa R, Bardack, MD, reportedly Hillary Clinton's personal physician who issued a letter in 2015 concerning Ms. Clinton's fitness to run for President of the United States, does not participate in the American Board of Medical Specialties' Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program:

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Anonymous said...

Oh man! That really is classic! Baron and his BS about all the "public" he hears from that demands some sort of on going credential for their physician - prove it Baron - publish something REAL supporting your claims!

Ed Rico said...

Another hole poked in Dr. Baron's "gut-level" evidence: Apparently, "lots of people", including presidential candidates who can choose any physician they want, could care less about #MOC status in selecting their internist.

Fact Finder said...

A top doctor has concerns over Hillary's health

Anonymous said...

It would be good to have the PA Medical Society or someone contact Dr. Bardack about supporting legislation that would end mandatory MOC in New York and all 50 states and territories.

As it has been reported in the press that Dr. Bardack has responded to reporters inquiries about fake medical reports concerning Secretary Clinton, I think she would certainly be interested in exposing the ABIM/ABMS MOC program as unsubstantiated and consisting of unscientific data that she did not/would not sign onto, also. Especially, since Dr. Bardack did not sign the risky MOC pledge deciding wisely not to participate in MOC.

And the chief medical policy advisor to the president of the United States, Christine Cassel, is also not participating in MOC. A smart move, also, because if she gave her digital signature it might lead to spying on her activities and possibly to civil or criminal charges, stemming from possible "ongoing investigations" that the ABIM director of investigations has initiated, possibly currently to blackmail the executives past and present to keep himself out of jail for criminal wrongdoing.

It is possible that the double felon, Mr. Ariel Benjamin Mannes might pursue investigations against Cassel for illegal financial dealings or just for not keeping up. We do have Cassel on record for saying how important it was for physicians to keep up and since Cassel is preparing medical students for the "rivers of change" that are coming, it would be only fair that Dr. Cassel knows something about those referenced rivers of change and not just the important currents where her next big paycheck is coming from. Many of the rivers of change are coming from digital technology and software that she herself and her cronies have a vested interest in as the past stock and payouts to her has shown.

I would say that the non-participation of these two key people ("PCAST Advisor to the POTUS" Dr. Cassel and "Personal Physician" to presidential candidate Clinton, Dr. Bardack) is an endorsement that MOC is an ill-advised pointless waste of time.

Also, it is intriguing, but it is quite possible that Dr. Bardack attended Dr. Arora's ABR course in 1993. But then the Clintons appointed the judge "assigned" to handle the case of ABIM v. Dr. Salas Rushford v. ABIM and the lists of who attended the board courses has been suppressed as evidence at this point and will most likely never see the light of day. But Mr. Manes may be holding some chips in the big game as for him the keys to everyone's files are available and fair game--even Dr. Bardack and Christine Cassel. You can bet Lynn Langdon has been nervous too and has her files and counter files on all the people, activities and operations.

Stay tuned to see how the court case ABIM v Jimmy R. gets manipulated further and more evidence is not allowed by Clinton's hand picked judge. I am not speaking about the magistrate who has little power or authority in the case.

Hypocrisy said...

Twitter this ASAP (#Nytimes #cnn #wsj).

ABM files said...

A couple online resumes and bios for one of the personal doctors of Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Bardack

Undergraduate & Graduate Education: University of Pennsylvania: 1986
Medical Education: New York University School of Medicine: 1990
Internship: New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center: 1991
Residency: Chief Resident, Primary Care Internal Medicine
New York Hospital- Cornell University Medical Center: 1993
Internal Medicine: New York Hospital- Cornell University Medical Center: 1993
Board Certifications: Internal Medicine: 1993
Hospital Affiliations: Northern Westchester Hospital
Specialties: Internal Medicine

Chairman of the Department of Medicine, CareMount Medical
Director of Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai Health Systems
Awards & Recognition
Best Doctors in America: 2011- 2016
Castle Connolly Top Doctor: 2016
Professional Affiliations
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Mount Sinai School of Medicine


Dr. Bardack's Background
Bio: Lisa R. Bardack, MD is a practicing Internist in Mount Kisco, NY. She currently practices at Mount Kisco Medical Group PC and is affiliated with Northern Westchester Hospital Northwell Health, Putnam Hospital Center and Westchester Medical Center. Dr. Bardack accepts multiple insurance plans including Aetna, MVP Health Plan and Medicare. In addition to English, Dr. Bardack's practice supports these languages: Spanish and Russian.

Specialties: Internal Medicine

Hospital Affiliations: Northern Westchester Hospital
Northwell Health
Putnam Hospital Center
Westchester Medical Center


LOH said...

Perhaps Dr. Bardack could get Hillary Clinton to endorse anti-mandatory MOC legislation at the Federal level right now. Just give Barack a call to get it started.

Anonymous said...

Someone should contact Dr. Ben Carson to get Mr. Trump to endorse an anti-mandatory MOC legislation to ease the burden on docs and the healthcare system, and for the benefit of patient/physician relationship. It fits in perfectly with his anti ACA and anti-bureaucratic waste promises to make things work better.

ROI said...

Perhaps also someone could get in touch with Kaiser Permanente to endorse national anti-MOC legislation since Christine Cassel no longer participates in MOC and she is the appointed EDUCATION DEAN/HEAD of the new Kaiser School of Medicine.

Unknown said...

I came here looking for information on cardiology, not POLITICS. Guess I'll keep looking.

Shitlord Bitch said...

Ric Brown -- you are likely to be forced out of practice at some point sooner than you think -- so why was it again that the politics doesn't matter? If you suck anyway that's a good thing, otherwise check out the politics.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Google alarm went off when you posted this fact that we do care to know about. Next time you have to misspell the candidates name to avoid attention.

Foxglove: News That Will Make Your Heart Come to Complete Attention said...

I'll bet you a beer that ABIM/ABMS' felonious director of investigations has downloaded more data from the ABIM, Ballard-Spahr, ABMS, CAVEON and possible sensitive private and government data systems than all the data that was hacked from the DNC, Sony pictures, New York Times, and several other major hacks combined. And he has it safely stored and backed up in more than one location.

I'll bet you a glass of the finest vermouth that Mannes and partner have illicit guns, and he/they traveled across interstate lines more than once with the weapons.




Anonymous said...

Oh the irony.

Hillary has topic secret information out in the open for all enemies to see but I am not allowed to text the name of a patient to a referring doctor.

Local Boy said...

Hillary Clinton was healthy enough at State to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, while growing their private net worth to over $120 million.

"More than a dozen newly released email exchanges show foreign officials donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative to gain State Department access – part of the Clintons’ pay-to-play scheme dating from when Bill was president."


Floating Untouchable Deferred Accounts said...

Good news for Christine Cassel, Robert Wachter, Lynn Langdon and the rest of the ABMS/ACP/AMA/NQF/ACGME/RWJF/Soros "Foundaions" (too many to list) white collar gang!

It will be a government-run prison for them after all thanks to an undercover journalist with Mother Jones who took a job as guard at a private prison system and reported on the horrific conditions that Wall Street run prisons provide.

For Hillary and Bill: they will most likely get "life" confined to their offshore yacht and private global luxury guest houses wherever the Clinton State Department/Foundation and Global Initiative tickets are sold.


ABIM / ABIMF / ICE / Shell Game said...

ABIM Foundation: another shell for covering up he huge gains and staggering losses while consolidating power and gaining political ground

Did we forget to mention the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation/Private
Executive Bank Accounts lately. (1989-1999) Great for hiding profits. Great ADDITIONAL hedge funds for enhancing the current paycheck, VIP retirees, "deferred benefit packages" and crony payouts/transfers/grants/purchases. (1999-present) ICE was Kimball's money laundering scheme that just parked a frozen chunk of money to obfuscate finances and cover-up what was really going on. The ABIM is so dirty no one can believe the extent of it. MOC was a further cover to "account" for their money laundering and poor financial housekeeping and incestuous plans and payments to each other. ABIM ceased to exist as a certification company and was turned into a "criminal gang" of racketeers and profiteers playing their favorite stocks and promoting political social agendas and healthcare reform ideas that would lead to handing over physicians and patients into the hands of a few big insurance companies.

MOC is a much bigger scam/scheme than we can imagine involving corrupt politicians, corporations and partisan professional medical bureaucrats like Christine Cassel.

John Benson, Jr., Harry Kimball, Lynn Langdon, Henry Strozeski, Christine Cassel, Robert Wachter, and so many others should be put under oath in front of an independent council for participating in one of the biggest frauds and heists in the history ethical medical societies and quality assurance medical boards. Money, political agendas, and power.




The Game Everyone at the ABIM/ABMS/ACGME/ACP/AMA played while physicians got played

Keep your eye on the Walnut Street Shells, but don't forget to watch the 17th Floor Gang for cheating. The finances are so convoluted and obfuscated nobody really knows where the money was, is or where it goes. (Or where millions were technically lost in bad trades. Some 1838/Drexel clients lost big others gained. Who decides who sold or bought on time? Brokers and hedge funds do play "god" you know. It is no different than what Bernie Madoff did with his capture/hiding of capital and highly leveraged pyramidal deferred payout scheme.) Only a forensic audit of the real accounts could reveal the true game here. One lie leads to many others and one cover-up demands a second and third obfuscation/cover-up, and so on.

Anonymous said...

what do the abim foundation and the clinton foundation and global initiative have in common?

the same prinicpal people, phony crony politics and the same way of funding themselves--via money laundering

Anonymous said...

Since Dr Bardack initially certified in 1993, she must have taken two "high stakes" recertification exams to still be certified now, but she is not up to date with the additional burden of "MOC" piled on by ABIM. (I initially certified in the early 1990's, recertified 10 years later, but due to life events did not have time for the high stakes exam. I am currently reported as not certified, and the recertification also does not show up. Only the initial certification is displayed...My father originally certified in the 1950s, and voluntarily recertified once in the 1970s, but they don't display his recertification either... despite Cassel's promise to always display the recertifications.
See page 303 (reference below): "Cassel, Philadelphia: I am really glad you asked that question. That is not true and is a common misconception among “grandfathers.” The lifetime certificate will appear on the website as a lifetime certificate, and you never lose that. If you recertify, then you get an additional piece of information on the website that says recertified, such and such a date." Cassel CK, Holmboe ES. Professionalism and accountability: the role of specialty board certification. Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. 2008;119:295-303; discussion 303-4. PubMed PMID: 18596848; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC2394686.

Cassel did not keep her promise. I suspect ABIM doesn't want to display how many of the "grandfathers" never recertified. Did Cassel and Wachter and the others ever take their high-stakes recertification exams?

If recertification is voluntary and something I am supposed to be proud of, then why doesn't isn't my 2003 recert, or my dad's 1970's recert displayed? Why did ABIM not keep Cassel's promise to display the recertifications?

Anonymous said...

ABIM and the ABIM Foundation part of the long-arm reach of the Clinton Crime Family with their control of money flow, power and politics in America and around the globe?

Here is part of Associated Press' startling investigation of how the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative have deep conflicts of interest with the political roles Hillary and Bill have been playing together, in particular while Hillary was Secretary of State, but as presidential candidate as well.

I would say the article brings to light that the Clintons are indeed behaving like top crime bosses passing out the favors, money, strong-arming and handing out he awards.

The Clintons have many top politically active medical leaders in their pocket including Christine Cassel. How was it that Obama got so interested in healthcare reform and who put Cassel in the White House. It really is as Clinton calls it Hilary Care -- the corporate takeover of medicine.

Cassel, Benson, Kimball, and their successor, Rich Baron have played physicians like a fiddle. Cassel and her protégés have manipulated non-profit organizations to do political favors, launder money, strong-arm physicians and dish out the awards in an unprecedented display of fraud and unethical behavior the likes of which no-body can believe.

I really would like to see all the records of the ABIM and ABIM Foundation made public. FOIA may cover them. I am surprised that this organization can operate in such a clandestine manner. But given the connections and political nature of the organizations, plus the obvious racketeering and restraint of trade, it is even more apparent why the ABIM's army of powerful criminal defense lawyers guard the fortress.


Anonymous said...

I am puzzled why physicians pay obeisance to an unaccountable power that emasculates them and forces them to go against reason, science and conscience?

And there is sufficient evidence that their "evaluators" at the ABIM/ABMS (they are not "regulators") are violating strict ethics policies, including engaging in activities which have more the appearance of conflicts of interest.

Christine Cassel, while working at the ABIM and ABIM Foundation and later the NQF concurrently raked in million of dollars moonlighting for Kaiser and Premier on their boards and as an active US presidential advisor setting the course of our national healthcare policy.

Like Hillary Clinton, under FBI investigation, for her recent e-mail scandal, Cassel was only verbally castigated. No investigation ensued of Dr. Cassel, who was apparently under the highest protection. But she was chastised for being culpable of egregious financial (and political) conflicts of interest according to top US ethicists.

We need an investigation of what the ABIM and ABIM Foundation really IS! Is it a proxy "regulatory" branch of major political players of the Obama/Clinton administration/democratic party. This does clearly violate US laws. On top of the other chicanery, these self-serving organizations--like the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative--need to be closed down immediately.

Anonymous said...

"What does the the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, ABIM, and ABIM Foundation have in common?"

They are all "pay to play" NGOs. And they all lie about what they are doing! And they lie about their lying.

And, no, they do not keep promises. They only collect money and disguise future ways of getting more $$$ and getting your $$$ more often. Annually. More corrupt dough and more political control in order to get more $$$ exponentially.

The ABIM's original charter with physicians of lifetime certification was not kept. That is how much honor the contemporary crooks at the ABIM have. Instead of lifetime certification we get instead the promise of goon squads breaking laws of the land destroying civil liberties, invasion of privacy, spying/surveilling, strong-arming, a lifetime of fear-mongering, and MOC mandates for life.

They have no honor whatsoever at the ABIM. Don't be fooled by the air. Honor only exists in men and women, not in corrupt corporate proxies and political propaganda machines.

ACA equals Another Clinton Appointee said...

MOC is maintenance of Clinton Care. Here is another key player and example of the network interplay of Clinton appointees placed in NGOs and critical governmental health organizations.

"Mary K. Wakefield has served on the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, as chair of the National Advisory Council for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as a member of President Clinton's Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry, and as a member of the National Advisory Committee to HRSA's Office of Rural Health Policy.

Dr. Wakefield worked with Christine Cassel. With Wall Street/United Health's buyout of CMS by placing Andy Slavitt in charge we can see the Clinton/Obama brokering of people, policies and how deep the conflict of interests are between Cassel, Wakefield and Clinton and their new Wall Street/Insurance/High Tech crony triumvirate.

Senate staff to ACA Wikipedia


Comnonwealth Fund (Baron and Cassell are Commonwealth Fund)

Anonymous said...

What the right hand gives, the left hand takes away. That's how it is with Mary K. Wakefield and the ACA - Another Clinton/Cassel Appointee . . . promising money with one hand and taking away the possibiltiy for any doctor to reasonably work with the other.


Because of Wakefiel, Cassel, Wachter, Baron, Gruber, Clinton, and Nora, rural American is suffering from a severe shortage of doctors due to the ACA, HHS, CMS, and the ABIM/ABMS. Direct observation: fewer private physicians, closing their doors or retiring early from MOC, CMS and ACA alone. Add all the other useless time consuming clicking and additional paperwork where physicians play clerk for insurance companies who are too busy making massive profits to take care of their own business and stop making physicians fill in all the punitive forms from computers and their rarefied staff who are playing "doctor" with medications and supplies left and right.

It is time for a DrExit and vote these self-serving "idiots" out of office who created this ACA/MOC hell for patients and physicians.

MOC means "maintence of corruption" and "maintenance of Clinton" and her cronies who fragmented medical care and knowledge into useless shards that cannot hold any water. In other words, the broken pieces represent the dysfunctional state we find ourselves in resulting from the "corporate thieves" and "out of touch" bureaucrats who cannot see the whole--instead filling the air with only useless theories.

INFO on Billy And Hillary Clinton said...

Nigel Farage, one of the key exponents of "Brexit" and taking the British government back from EU and corporate control stated that he would never vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid him. Furthermore Farage said he would not vote for Hillary Clinton if Hillary paid him. Speaking at a Trump rally in Mississippi, he stated that the Trump movement is like Brexit in that the people were taking back the government from being in the control of corporate, banking and special interests.

Physicians need to DrExit from the ABMS/ABIM's corrupt regime. Will Hillary R. Clinton help docs escape from the monster that she helped create and flesh out? OBVIOUSLY NOT! Her political power and influence created the muscle used against physicians to emasculate and conquer all autonomous regions of the physician-
patient relationship and any independent private commerce. Except for her own physician perhaps who is getting some private funds channeled her way. But after Clinton is elected even a physician who does not want to participate in MOC will be mandated to participate with a furtherance of the pay to play scam and total control of the healthcare system. As Christine Cassel warns medical students, "you better get ready for the 'rivers of change' that are coming. That means a flood of new mandates and corrective laws that will help the already drowning physician and patient. LOL


Is it true what everybody says that the current DOJ and AT protect their own from scandal after scandal and keep them out of jail?

Hillary calls Nigel Farage an agent of the Kremlin. Donald Trump is an agent of the Kremlin. Was Monica Lewinsky and Jennifer Flowers an agent of the Kremlin?

Read Hillary the Other Woman by Dolly Kyle - a real view from the inside about Billy and Hillary Clinton, a forty year story from a longtime lover of Billy Clinton.


Political Brokers said...

I want to know why the ABIM hired a democratic fundraiser/political operative for the office of Chief of Staff over all operations who reports to the President Richard Baron. Suzanne Biemiller has no clue about medicine and yet she is put in a top key position at the ABIM and ABIM Foundation. Why? And why is her compensation and position not included in the 990 tax filings.

What about the ABIM's Chief Medical Officer, Richard Battaglia, an "investment banker" and "medical measurement" NGO insider. Why was a Wall Street crony working for an investment/insurance/financial management/tax company (PricewaterhouseCoopers) a non-practicing physician bureaucrat been placed in a liaison role between rank and file physicians and the ABIM educational/financial cash cow/mandate called MOC?

Where is the CMO mentioned in the 990 tax filings. What is the ABIM and its Foundation really doing and can we get a full daily accounting of all of the officers and their emails and phone calls and contacts?

Same for the political operative Suzanne Biemiller who is a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Will we find that Ms. Biemiller has been working for the Hillary Clinton Campaign while working for the ABIM, non-profit organization with strict rules against engaging in politics and fund raising. Can we have a full accounting of MS. Biemillers activities and roles.

ABIM's Suzanne Biemiller failed to tell the people of Philadelphia about the kickbacks awarded to the executives of Philadelphia's gas utility if the sale went through or not. That is what the ABIM has assisted in doing according to some critics, arranging lobbying and kickbacks behind closed doors and not mentioning any of these political activities on their 990 tax filings. We can see payouts to CECITY under Cassel's watch. Payments to a Soros foundation. Transfers of millions of dollars to the ABIMF. Millions of dollars paid to the ACP, etc. but we don't see any of the hidden brokering of pairing donor with NGO or political action committee, legislator, lobbyists. These are accomplished without any record. That is the record of activities and contacts, phone calls, emails that the American taxpayer should be able to see as we suspect corruption and conflict of interests abound at the ABIM and ABIM Foundation. We have a right to look at everything and have an accounting of everything that are done under the compensation umbrella of these and other NGOs.


Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was convicted on all nine counts in a criminal case lodged against her for criminal wrongdoing.
Kane, a Clinton/Brendell protégé, was convicted of political corruption and using her high office to protect democrats from criminal prosecution and retaliate against Republican foes. The Clintons support helped Kane get elected and Edward Brendell helped her weather the storm of indictments against her.
After conviction, the judge granted her bail until sentencing under the condition that she did not retaliate in any way against anyone involved in her case, etc.

This is a blow to the ABIM and ABIM Foundation along with the ACP and ABS in Philly who all rely of the protected political status of these organizations.


Anonymous said...

A. Benjamin Mannes cleaning up Pennsylvania from political and financial corruption? Let's see if he can start at home with the ABIM and the ABIM Foundation in his 8-year long ongoing public fraud, multi-corporate racketeering scheme and political corruption investigation. We'll see if he has enough evidence yet to bring down this politico-corporate house of cards and the entire ABMS.


Mr. Mannes bio is interesting. Suppressed from the prose style CV are being fired from Metro Police in DC for admitting to being guilty of harassment and intimidation of a reporter. No reference is made to violating a DC journalist's first amendment rights--freedom of speech and chilling freedom of the press. Completely left out. Also, deleted is the double felony for illegal firearms and impersonation of a police officer during an aggravated assault on a client of a racy night club where Mannes was moonlighting from his TSA job.
Instead of mentioning the events and putting them out there as he should, like any other felon does owning up to their crimes and making an example of them for the public to assess the man for who he is, Mannes makes the awful mistake of hiding these important events from employers that might hire this subject matter expert and readers who might temper their attitudes toward his opinions on crime and criminality, gun laws, public corruption or whatever Mannes claims to be an expert on. Michael Milken put his crimes right out there for all to see. J Gordon Liddy was known for his transgressions in Watergate and put his opinions out there. Oliver North for the Iran Contra scandal also wore his badge of dishonor and did not hide it. The trouble is Mannes like the ABIM has been lying so long they don't know how to tell the truth and come clean about their activities and purge themselves of their wrongdoing and take their lumps. Mannes and the ABIM have been protected from serving hard time due to some inexplicable privileged position in life. Mannes also lies to us in his bio and tells us that he was re-instated to the DC Metro police after being fired and two felonies. That is reprehensible. In his bio he is getting closer to the truth but far from it, however when he calls all the above criminal behavior as "growing with the ups and downs of his career". And in one of his opinion pieces he gets somewhat autobiographical when talking about police brutality he says that in his life/career he experienced criminal law from both sides of the equation. And instead of speaking about the horrible abuses of the court system and presentation of flawed and partial data to a federal judge in ABIM v. Arora Mannes just speaks as though all the persecution of physicians was just copyright infringement. It was much more. It was the violation of thousands of American citizens rights abused by a sick bad cop who still cannot own up to his mistakes like all the other men who got caught breaking the laws of our land faced his devils like a man not someone cowering in the shadows. Mr. Mannes is still a fraud pretending to be what he is not. That shows some psychological impairment that the ABIM is they do not fire Mr. Mannes immediately, should explain their predicament and their own psychological impairment to deal with reality and speak the truth about the public fraud they have ALL engaged in.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton, a neoconservative war-monger is one of the mothers of modern political propaganda. The ACA and its corporate austerity measures are full of Hillary's classic signature propaganda and lies. Bill Clinton, also a war monger, is a god-father of political corruption, influence pedaling, brash lies and slogans that demonize the Clintons' political foes.

Christine Cassel and her professional medical bureaucrats are propagandists in friendship and league with the Clintons and the medical industrial complex. There is a certain taste to the language they all use. It is unmistakable. Its purpose is to control people through mind and feeling. In the current political cycle of 2016 they are all in a battle for there lives.

The Clintons with their power brokers and political cronies must stay in power or many of them might go to jail. Their propaganda is fast and furious and they appear to own the mainstream media.

Hillary, Billy et al are now trying to demonize the alternative media by calling them a new name. See if you can hear it being used to demonize the alternative media, just as Hillary demonized her opponents claiming her husband was a victim of right wing conspiracies over Monica Lewinsky.

One wonders why they are not in jail already. When ex-parte contact takes place caught by a reporter in Phoenix, letting the DOJ know who is in charge, I think that answers part of the question why they are not in jail.

My view is that Hillary and Bill with their Clinton-speak are both healthy enough to spend the rest of their days in prison blocked from any outside contact. They are dangerous criminals involved in many things the gullible public knows nothing about.

American Revolution said...

Hillary's special tech crew "bleached" and "sanitized" her private servers, and HRC aka Hillary and her team of experts and lawyers tried to destroy/delete emails because they contain(ed) information/communications that are "too sensitive for congress or the public to read." They contain incriminating communications between Clinton’s State Department aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin.

Where are the obstruction/destroying evidence charges/tampering with an investigation that are signature/hallmark of the Clintons lies and public obfuscations? Loretta Lynch and her underlings are in the Clintons' pocket.

It is all so unbelievable. Do the Clinton's like Lynn Langdon and A. Benjamin Mannes have illicit files on everyone like several FBI whistleblowers have claimed? Intimidation? Black mail? Extortion?

What kind of country are we living in? It all needs to change or we are headed for the collapse of our nation. The illegal use of NGOs like the ABMS and Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative (plus all the others that are money laundering vehicles for political activism and financial kickbacks to keep it all going needs to end. The IRS could probably pay down the national debt if they took back the non-profit tax status on many that are mostly fronts for other things and big fat paychecks for the Rich Barons, Lois Noras, Chistine Cassels, and their mala of criminal "not-for-profit" partner organizations.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/08/trump-insider-deleted-hillary-emails-in-wikileaks-october-surprise/#XfxaoECvIRis0KYX.99

More questions than answers said...

Wes, why is the ABIM v Salas Rushford v. ABIM, Christine Cassel et al filed in New Jersey and not in Pennsylvania? Was it as someone suggested the Clinton's have a "retired" judge there who got "assigned" the case. What are the odds that you move a case from Pennsylvania where it belongs and you get a Clinton-appointed judge who does not take many cases at all. Why a simple "single-count copyright case" for a senior federal judge. Don't these people understand the extreme conflicts of interests at play here. And is it because Ballard Spahr had an ex New Jersey Supreme Court Judge as their attorney in New Jersey to be the criminal defense lawyer for them and to take the fall for them in case anything goes wrong.

Ballard Spahr chose a sanctioned supreme court judge to be their prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Is that not over-kill and a huge expense for the ABIM's clients? There is even intrigue in how the ex Supreme Court Judge Rivera was ousted from the high court. That was never investigated as to the players involved but it got a stubborn principled Republican judge off of the courts. Or the other side of the coin the NJ top attorney for the ABIM is just as the court records imply on him that he violated a young man's life and his civil liberties. But I will say that the police commissioner involved in the SC judge's case was not so clean.

But back to central question why not Pennsylvania. Was the ABIM's welcome worn out?
Judge Joyner was played like a pawn of Ballard Spahr, ABIM, and entourage Mannes/Weinstein/Cassel/Baranowski/Jacobs. One other question? How was Weinstein cashed out for his work on ABIM v von Muller. The court records have Jacobs getting the bulk of the fees and no mention of Weinstein the number two attorney for Ballard Spahr and Mannes financial partner at Caveon and all the lucrative subject matter expert lectures they give. What a scam and total racketeering it all is!

MOC Maintenance of Clandestine ops said...

How does the secret Clinton network operate? Clandestinely!

Clinton secret spy network and private email server - ProPublica investigation

Clinton Foundation caught again this time over epipen company ties

Articulating Clinton's assistance in the creation of Islamic State terrorism

Haiti earthquake disaster: Clinton cronyism moves in said...

MOC Maintenance of Crony Capitalism (A Tale of Two Worlds in Haiti's massive 2010
Earthquake, the Poor and the Ultra-Rich)

Look a the crony capitalism that took place in Haiti in 2010 with the Clintons serving to profit their big donors in order to help the Clinton's favored companies get deals in the reconstruction process. The ensuing disaster capitalists made out big and there was not so much money left for the Haitian people.
It is a tale of two worlds where you have people flying in to actually help and the money does not get to where it needs to go. The bulk goes to the corporations and the elites instead.

Contrast this story about Dr. Jamie Salas Rushford, one of those who really served in Haiti and then same Clinton elites he served took a bite out of his life turning this hero into a victim. Christine Cassel formerly of the ABIM is a crony politician who serves the Clintons.

Dr. Salas Rushford (of ABIM v. Salas-Rushford) flew in to serve Haitians as a treating relief physician reporting injured bodies piled up in the back of pick-up trucks needing medical assistance. As many as 250,000 people were instantly killed.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State (Clinton Foundation representative with Bill Clinton as UN envoy leader) flew in and flew right back out again after giving a speech and pledge of support.

And the sickness of the tragedy is the Clinton's brought profit to their crony donors in the aftermath of the disaster. The State Department was turned into an extension of the corrupt Clinton Foundation.


donate to doctors justice legal fund to fight against the corruption and injustice

Clinton Cash Documentary said...

Clinton Cash documentary on conflicts of interest and pay to play at the Clinton Foundation and CGI

Clinton's top 50 influentials

Anonymous said...

ABMS and MOC are models for self-enrichment and political power. ABIM is the cornerstone. Physicians and patients are tired of being sold out by the Rich Baron.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton Emails Wikileaks Jenneifer Klein of Greenwall

Can you fax that to my DC house: Jennifer Klein on maternal health and abortion


"Jennifer L Klein, JD

Ms. Klein is a Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton on women’s and girls’ issues. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law Center. From March 2013 through April 2015, she worked as a consultant to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, helping to plan and manage No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, an initiative to assess progress for women and girls and to spur action to advance gender equality. From 2009 to 2012, Ms. Klein was a Deputy and Senior Advisor in the Office of Global Women's Issues within the Office of the Secretary of State at the U.S. Department of State. In this capacity, she worked on a range of foreign policy issues related to the advancement of women."

Unaware said...


From: Hillary Clinton To: Cheryl Mills Date: 2010-01-22 10:31 Subject: HAITI AMERICAN DEATHS/CONFIDENTIAL


Anonymous said...

Haiti Disaster 2010. Secretary of State Clinton talking points, Wikileaks

"To date, the U.S. has committed over $100 million in
humanitarian assistance to respond to this disaster. Our
support includes: a Disaster Assistance Response Team,
tasked with coordinating our efforts on the ground; U.S.
Coast Guard cutters and planes; the aircraft carrier Carl
Vinson with 19 helicopters as well as the U.S. Navy hospital
ship Comfort and other naval vessels; more than 400 U.S. urban
search and rescue personnel; over 250 medical personnel;
and other resources and personnel. We will continue
delivering 600,000 daily rations over the next several


Clinton Disaster Relief Efforts and State Dept Haiti

Anonymous said...

Green harvest at Chris Cassel's Greenwall Foundation: $7.75 million dollars in 2014.

As of 2014 Greenwall's stock and bond portfolio was worth over $100 million
Chris Cassel is on the board of directors. Paid position. They hold healthcare, oil, tobacco, financials, etc. plus their bond holdings.

Earning from the portfolio is substantial. Dividends of over $2 million.
Over $5.6 million on sale proceeds of about $22 million. That means they harvested close to a 25% gain on the sale of their stock.

They had to pay excise tax of over $0.5 million dollars. Why?


Policy Over Bedside said...

It appears from looking at the history of the ABIM Foundation and Greenwall Foundation, they are both agencies involved in Clinton-era social/healthcare reform. Christine Cassel and 1990's healthcare reforms pushed by the Clinton White House enters prominently in the discussion and movement behind both foundations.

The ABIM Foundation came about in 1989 to in part be the practical manifesting arm (and later the strong arm and muscle) of the Greenwall philosophy and policy ideas. George Soros' Project Death in America (1994-2003) was hailed by both organizations (ABIMF and Greenwall) to be an ideal model worthy of funding.

Concepts of "professionalism" are introduced as a "hard to argue with" principle when presenting medical ethics and trying to push them as policy. The shared social/legislative agenda of ABIMF and Greenwall are striking, but not surprising. One would find it difficult to not see Choosing Wisely as a "policy made manifest" of the Greenwall Foundation. We can see this historically in how Greenwall Foundation was transformed under Dennis Stubing elected to the presidency in 1989/1990.

Excerpts from Greenwall's 2012 lengthy "manifesto". . .

"Investing in People: The Greenwall Foundation’s Bioethics Programs
A Report to The Greenwall Foundation, May 2012" [History and work philosophy]

"By early 1994, the Medical Advisory Committee had reached consensus about several
key characteristics of the fellowship and felt ready to move forward. Funding should build upon the strength of existing academic programs rather than try to establish something where nothing existed. Fellowships should be based at either one or two institutions with depth of expertise not just in medicine and ethics but in the social sciences. The emphasis on interdisciplinary work reflected the influence of Oscar Ruebhausen, LLB, the former chair of the Greenwall board (he
had led the search process that resulted in the hiring of William Stubing). Ruebhausen had retired in 1991 and assumed the title of chair emeritus, but he remained a prominent voice within the INVESTING IN PEOPLE: THE GREENWALL FOUNDATION’S BIOETHICS PROGRAMS 29 foundation. A lawyer, Ruebhausen had been a close adviser to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller and served as president of the bar association of New York City. Ruebhausen strongly supported the idea of ensuring that social sciences, philosophy, and law, not just clinical disciplines, were brought into medical decision-making.
In addition to being interdisciplinary, the program was to be solidly grounded in the real world of policy and practice. It could not deal in “idle theory,” as Cassel later recalled—it would have to result in changes to how things were done, whether in clinical encounters or in legislative debates. The need to have a strong focus on policy was driven home during the debates in 1993 and 1994 over the ill-fated Clinton administration plan for universal heath care. Numerous aspects of the plan had important implications for equity, justice, and rationing, yet few policy
makers grasped these ethical dimensions, and few bioethicists spoke the language of policy well enough to participate in the political debates over the plan. Indeed, in 1993 the Medical Advisory Committee minutes had noted that “policy more than the bedside now presents the real cutting edge in bioethics.”"

"The training included service in a government agency. Sites for service included the Agency for Health Care Research and Policy, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation in the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Bioethics Advisory Committee, the HIV/AIDS Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration, and the offices of senators such as Edward Kennedy and James Jeffords who were active in health policy issues."

Greenwall continued said...

[In 1993, James Jeffords was the only prominent Republican to support President Clinton's unsuccessful attempt to establish a national healthcare plan. Jeffords's voting record and positions on environmental issues put further distance between himself and his Republican Party colleagues. In 2001 Jeffords became an independent and caucused with Democrats.]

ABIM MOC said...

Dr. David Scheiner, MD, personal physician to President Obama, does not participate in MOC, BTW.


Cadillac Democrats Don't Do OR Believe in MOC said...

What a scam! Democrats control the medical NGO's, Foundations, think tanks and create MOC as a means of additional personal enrichment and sustained partisan political control; and yet none of these "out of touch" professional medical bureaucrats participate in MOC as illustrated here.

The only reason that the ABIM MD executives do "report" on the ABIM website that they "participate in MOC" is that is was recently made part of the requirement of employment. It is rather hard for the ABMS to hire help these days who will sell out for money AND meet the MOC requirement.

"POTUS advisor" and "Hillary Care champion" Dr. Christine Cassel with her non- participation in MOC is the greatest endorsement for revolution and scrapping the whole MOC program. The illegal stuff they have pulled should be enough to put them all in jail - if we had a fair justice system that actually enforced US laws.

One law for us and another law for the elites. What did Barack Obama's Chicago preacher call all these sell-outs working for the big banks and special interests?
Reverend Wright, who was a personal medical staff member to President Lyndon Johnson called these elites in the White House and their cronies "Cadillac Democrats"!

Reverend Wright also said, Obama used to get high on pot, now he's gettin' high on drones.

I should have said retired Reverend Wright, the one who Obama abandoned because he was not politically correct enough.


Klinton Kash Krop said...

The Clintons in Haiti: A Haitian Woman's Perspective


Anonymous said...

UN Envoy Head Clinton Cholera Claim in Haiti

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel J. Emanuel did not see the importance to keep his ABIM certifications in internal medicine and oncology.

A, key ACA framer, Emanuel is not even certified. I believe that he is right on this issue, at least, that certification and MOC testing is BS. Both certification and MOC are meaningless. His actions speak louder than any words.

Any dumbwit can understands that the ABIM was scheduled to be dissolved in 1986 and what that means - that certification was a time-limited mission. Mission accomplished. Now it is just about money and partisan political persuasion.


Anonymous said...

Ezekiel talks insurance monopolies and more mandates coming for the ACA on Morning Joe. "More laws needed to enforce participation." Just a phony smiling face of an elite "big brained bureaucrat" that does not get it. Says there is no other way than the ACA. WOW!


Emanuel is followed by the POTUS speaking on ACA and a woman standing behind him almost passes out. That is the result of his long winded talking he admits. Does this not epitomize the result of theory put before real understanding or practice.

The public passes out waiting and waiting for a system that works. The impractical, harmful ACA, more laws and penalties and 800 numbers to call is not the way to fix anything.

ACA has fallen flat on its face as have the architects who have sh*t-eating grins.
We need to bring back enforcement of laws to hold these people to account for their public fraud.

Ezekiel gets an honorary doctor of science said...

Who needs an ABIM certification when you can get an honorary doctor of science for free from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai from the DEAN and CEO. (Both executive MD's are not participating in MOC either - grandfathered certificates in psychiatry.

Kenneth L. Davis, MD, left, and Dennis S. Charney, MD, right, present
Commencement Speaker Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD, with an honorary
Doctor of Science degree. Avery Fisher Hall, NY


Kenneth L Davis bio MSMC, $4,146,106 salary as of 2013.
Not participating in MOC

Dennis Charney, dean of MSMC $1,567,733 salary as of 2013.
Not participating in MOC

Supreme Court Justice Soto-Mayor speaks at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Net worth of supreme court justices 2013.
No MOC maintenance of certification required

Anonymous said...

This is very concerning. A shooting near the Clinton's home in Chappaqua, New York involving the dean of Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and a 56 year-old man that has not yet been identified. We wish them well; thankfully that the injuries were not life threatening. Apparently it happened a few days ago. This is never the way to solve any differences -- through the use of firearms.


Keeping Up with Jones said...

"We have not yet begun to fight!" - John Paul Jones

It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win." - John Paul Jones

The revolution against MOC is winning. Looking at the ABIM website ("check certification" using the random name Jones) on which physicians are certified and participating in MOC and who are not, the vast majority of physicians are not certified and even more are not participating in MOC. Many who are participating have one or two years to go for their ten-year test from their initial certification in 2018 or 2019.

My questions arising from this are: Is the ABIM lying to us about MOC participation rates and certifications as many lose their certified status choosing not to participate like Hillary Clinton's physician.

And the next delicate question is are ABIM accountants and executives deliberately padding their financial statements to hide their fiscal irresponsibility and MOC scam?

ABIM is a Contract Out on Physicians and not a Physician Contract said...

What is the difference between organized crime and the ABIM?

Organized crime is generally defined as “a continuing, profit-motivated, criminal enterprise that employs the use of fear, violence, intimidation, and public corruption to achieve organizational goals and remain immune from law enforcement” (Lyman and Potter 2004).

Cooking the books

Many Wall Street firms have been involved in financial padding including big ones like Enron. It is clear to me that ABIM is a for-profit organization that needs to show profit or they are finished. They need to prove fiscal responsibility. Beyond the troubling deferred accounting, it appears to me ABIM has been inclined toward cooking their books for decades - pertaining to actual numbers and not just obfuscating, burying and omitting.


Given the clandestine nature of the organization and the way they have secretly hired felons who have harmed not only physicians but the ABMS' reputation as an ethical and honest organization, one wonders if they are going to survive at all.
Intimidation, strong-arming and influence pedaling in getting what is voluntary turned into a mandate and pushing strongly for policy to be turned into legislation and law.

Once trust is broken on Wall Street total collapse follows as with Enron. (They inflated assets to keep up the share price and net worth.) Once trust on "quality assurance street" is broken total failure should follow. It already has, imo, and we are seeing the results manifesting at an accelerating pace. The ABIM like mobsters operate on insider trust. In the case of ABIM it is a political trust and they keep tight lips to protect themselves.

Top Secret Questionaire for Diplomates Only said...

Test yourself on State Department e-mail security levels. (Per Hillary Clinton)

Q. What does C mean in a State Department email chain?
Top secret; Secret; or Confidential?

A. “When asked about the email chain containing ‘(C)’ portion markings that state determined to currently contain CONFIDENTIAL information, Clinton stated that she did not know what the ‘(C)’ meant at the beginning of the paragraphs and speculated it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.”

Clinton said [to FBI interviewers] she did not pay attention to the difference between top secret, secret and confidential but “took all classified information seriously”.

Q. What happened to the lap top and thumb drive with the archive of your [Hillary Clinton] State sensitive emails.

A. Geez, I don't know. They just went missing during a move.

Q. Is it possible that the lap top and thumb drive ended up in the hands of our enemies thus compromising US operatives and operations and the T.S. drone program?

A. I can't remember anything about anything because I hit my head you see and . . . what does T.S. stand for again? [Top Secret]

Q. Were you trained how to properly assess and treat confidential (C.), secret (S.), and top secret (T.S.) emails?

A. The concussion has just left me a little goofy and I don't recall, but no to the best of my knowledge was I never trained by the State Department on email secrecy protocol.

Q. How did you figure out what to do with the e-mails then?

A. I am not sure, it is fuzzy, but I had an explicit conversation on one of my 13 blackberries [phone] with Colin Powell and he told me what to do.

Test for physicians:

What is the difference between an Outpatient; Ward patient; and ICU patient?

A. I don't know, but I take all patients seriously.

B. What difference does it make!

C. Level of confidentiality concerning patient records.

D. Level of billing.

E. You should always consult with a hospitalist before doing or saying anything.

F. None of the answers above are completely satisfactory or relevant and would get you fired. (Or promoted by Bob Wachter's institution.)

FBI Notes on Clinton' Chappaqua Servers and E-mail Accounts said...

Chappaqua Basement Dirt, the Clinton Email Scandal: How Personal Communications and Classified State Department Data Go Missing and Turn Up Again


Anonymous said...

Maybe HRC needs a different kind of doctor. That's a recent interview with the FBI!

Partisan Platforms and Revolving Door Positions said...

1993 Déjà vu flashback to Hillary Clinton, Chris Cassel, government, corporations, and special interests on C-span.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored conference on healthcare reform.
"Delivery System Realities" and "Controlling Costs".

Scripted emotionally-charged corporate/gov propaganda to push healthcare reform legislation quickly before anyone could examine it.

Universal healthcare coverage

Of note is the push for the "paperless process". Electronic management of information.

Cassel mentions ACP initiative for primary physicians to be paid government workers in primary care. (government tax dollars to pay for the medical education of primary physicians - quid pro quo)

Matters of Containment said...

Hillary is gone.

Intentional destruction of government records and lying about it. Willful intent to destroy/hide technology used to store government records. Using subordinates and attorney client privilege to hide the destruction of government records and "government property" which stored state secrets.

CNN puts it all in the worst light, but in doing so attempts to put the opinion in readers minds that there was no criminal intent. This is a complicit strategy with the media that has been used also by the powers that control and protect the ABIM.

These powers that dominate our media and saturate our thought with disinformation are corrupt to the core. The actions of the former Secretary of State and the political and financial corruption of the ABIM are one and the same. This constitutes a greater crime and conspiracy to defraud the American people.

What HRC did at State, I see it all in the worst light. It is a series of conspiratorial acts meant to defraud government officials, the American voter, her actions regarding her emails are a violation of state secrets laws.

What has been done to us in our foreign affairs has been done to us in our domestic affairs. The healthcare delivery system has been rendered dysfunctional by the same elites who have used chaos and destruction as a political wedge.


The Most Cunning Conjobs Of All Time said...

Clinton has nothing lacking in her capacity to cover up wrong-doing. Key Clinton State Dept Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, had full knowledge of the emails and any wrong-doing. Mills was relieved from any criminal or civil investigation/prosecution aimed at herself, and relieved of even being a witness with great cunning. Ms. Clinton gagged and decriminalize Mills by turning her former Chief of Staff at the State Dept. into an attorney for Hillary Clinton. (Attorney client privilege.)

And just think about it. Mills oversaw the request to turn over emails to the FBI and State Department. This is classic. Put an attorney hat on the fox and you have to ignore the bloody feathers flying from her downturned mouth.

Daily Mail

The brains behind Clinton's email 'cover-up': How top aide decided which messages were deleted, sat in on her FBI interview and is set to follow her to the White House

- Mills worked as Chief of Staff when Clinton was Secretary of State, and was later hired to serve as an attorney when the email scandal emerged
- Clinton's adviser Cheryl Mills reviewed emails culled by campaign worker
- Mills removed files among the collection that she did not consider to be work-related before they were handed over to the State Department
- Mills invoked the attorney-client privilege to avoid questions in FBI investigation as well as an ongoing civil lawsuit


Chappaqua Basement News said...

The Cunning Fox and the FBI Investigator

"Excuse me, asked the FBI investigator, are those bloody chicken feathers in your mouth?"

"Oh, cried the fox, as she threatened to and actually walked out the door. I am not required, nor am I allowed to answer that."

"How do you figure, asked the investigator? How can you deny the obvious?"

"You see, I am the private attorney of the accused, now, and you see none of the missing chickens that I have knowledge of are allowed to be discussed now."

"Well then, said the investigator, can you at least go to the powder room and remove both the blood and feathers from your silly mouth? They are a great distraction in our investigation."

"Yes, indeed I can go to the wash room," said the cunning fox, "and remove the evidence."

Before the fox left the room to go to the wash room, the investigator pointed subtly to the fluff all over the fox's nose, as well.

"Could you remove that fluff, too?"

"Oh." (Without even blushing, the fox touched their nose to feel the fine under-feathers stuck to it.)

In the bathroom looking in the mirror after the deed was done.

"You are a smart cunning fox, but not as cunning as your boss. I never thought we'd get away with it! The FBI is so bedazzled, and the people are such dumbshits."

All in the family Clinton said...

CCFamily News

Hillary and Bill Clinton double-dipped using funds from taxpayers to pad the pay of 10 Clinton Foundation staff members and help subsidize her personal servers and IT to escape scrutiny and help escape criminal prosecution.

The funds came from Bill Clinton's misuse of presidential funds designed to keep presidents out of the poor house. The "help former presidents stay out of the poor house act" owes its history to Harry Truman when he got in financial trouble and folks said he might have to "sell his farm" or go on "welfare." The American public could not bear the shame of letting that happen. (It's another temporary plan institutionalized to the point of a fine larceny with the Clinton's and their personal caches of money and lucrative pay to play revenue streams.)

Would you say that the Clintons are overreaching on the intention of the original intention and spirit of the law. Should they be receiving the money at all with a net worth of $120 million and growing. Nothing to risk of their own just let the high risk investments keep rolling.

This is classic ABIM and ABIM Foundation - right out of the same Clinton playbook. Cheat the taxpayer out hard earned money so "cheats" like Hillary Clinton's best bud and advisor Chris Cassel can evade paying taxes and walk away from ABIM with huge kickbacks -- all legal they say. But they are not legal. Laws are not being enforced and political corruption has become rampant.

Partisan protection runs amok in Washington, Chicago and Philadelphia. Schemes to pad executive bank accounts and standing in the medical hierarchy are out of control and unchecked.


"Dwight Eisenhower told voters [after beating Harry Truman who had a series scandals]: 'When we are through, the experts in shady and shoddy government operations will be on the way back to the shadowy haunts in the shadowy sub-cellars of American politics from which they came.'"


Rivers of Change said...

Christine Cassel has said recently that we should get ready for "rivers of change" in medicine.

I don't believe she was suggesting that the overspill of corruption is going to be cleaned up and that she and her Hillary-Care cronies will be in jail.

If Cassel and Hillary ascend to greater power will there be only more egregious conflicts of interest like ghost writing for "big pharma" from her powerful corporate pals and institutions like University of Pennsylvania, NIH and Mt Sinai?

Protection of academic whistleblowers

Project on government oversight POGO

Clinton's Forgotten Africans said...

How many millions?