Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Archived ABIM Website Disappears

Anyone who has followed this blog for some time knows that much of my research on the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and the ABIM Foundation was performed using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine available at http://www.archive.org.

It seems the ABIM no longer wants a record of the changes they make to their ABIM website recorded at archive.org and have opted to have all ABIM archived web pages available after 1 January 2014 removed from the archive.org website. While this is not illegal and any website can opt out from having their web page modifications tracked on the archive.org website, this development is not consistent with the ABIM's promise of transparent policies and practices toward practicing physicians.




Anonymous said...

sweetie, I thought you can cache pages through google? I've never done it though, but have seen others do so. Cache what you can while you can.

Ed Rico said...

Dr. Baron: "We have never made any effort to obfuscate, hide or delay ABIM's financial information"

Maybe one day soon, ABIM itself will similarly disappear.

Authorized Use Only https://web.archive.org/web/20000706210714/http://www.abim.org/home.htm said...


In the "land of make-believe" we can do anything we like if it suits us."


Any questions or concerns? Please put them in writing to the following e-mail address: request@abim.org

P.S. Regarding the 1989/1999 question - in 1999 the ABIM Foundation became a separate operating foundation.

Have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

I can access many ABIM pages with Way Back Machine Archive. I just don't like what I see or the faces that present it. It shows how far we have come in understanding the ABIM machine.



Anonymous said...

Let's get some real physicians on the board and do away with the executive positions - NOW! Look at the damage they have done, Wes.

2012 the year we thought they smeared the last Arora attendee. Now they are at it again with the same legal and investigative thugs. Look who was in charge of the board cheering it on.


Anonymous said...


"Who We Are (From a 2009 Archived Webpage)

For more than 70 years, Certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has stood for the highest standard in internal medicine and its 18 subspecialties and has meant that internists have demonstrated – to their peers and to the public – that they have the clinical judgment, skills and attitudes essential for the delivery of excellent patient care. ABIM is not a membership society, but a non-profit, independent evaluation organization. Our accountability is both to the profession of medicine and to the public.
*ABIM certifies one out of every three practicing physicians in the United States
*There are over 185,000 valid certificates in internal medicine and its subspecialties.
*A patient’s most frequent encounter is with an internist"

Anonymous said...

We need to have those internal documents handed over to us also, Wes!

During May 2009 ABIM was still preparing their police action/sting operation of the Arora Board Review Course to illegally gain access to physicians' files. They violated physicians in order to control one out of three physicians in the United States. That was a political tactic. There were profit motives to control the market. And they used the media heavily in the process to demoralize every physician just as they do with their lucrative recertification campaigns. The other physicians they hoped would cower and fall in place with the ABMS's fear-mongering and strong-arming methods.

The profit motives behind the activity was clear. But the political timing has to be understood as well. This was well orchestrated with organizations and people other than just the ABIM and ABMS. The sickening people and events which turned the ABIM into a police state was heinous on the part of the executives. Through the use of hired thugs they perpetrated unconscionable acts and destroyed physicians. But this proved to be an event that changed the attitude toward the ABIM around forever to the negative. The surveillance-state violations of privacy and civil liberties certainly backfired on the ABMS.

With further evidence revealed, I believe these events will be proven to be illegal attacks on certified and certifying physicians. That is why documents and archived pages are important. If we have the documents we will know the true history and motives behind these horrific acts unprecedented in the history of medicine.

Physicians out of respectful conditioning have been too soft on these ABMS thugs and their horrific deeds. What occurred with the sanctions and lawsuits was more than just unbecoming for a humanitarian non-profit society, it was actually monstrous in its intent and scope.

It continues today in the malicious persecution of another physician who attended a board review course that was approved by the ACCME and ABIM in 2009. The case will be heard in New Jersey involving an American citizen from Puerto Rico. In case you had not heard, a young honorable physician is being maligned years later, just because the ABIM and ABMS are in a fight for their political/financial lives currently, and they will try to make a pawn out of him.

Lynn Langdon in a vicious twisting of facts helped initiate the ongoing maligning of Dr. Salas Rushford preventing him from having a normal life or professional career as a physician. I think we need to support Dr. Salas Rushford who is being wrongfully sued by the ABIM for bogus copyright infringement. In turn Dr. Salas Rushford is countersuing the ABIM for their immoral and illegal tactics and abuses to him and others. If the ABIM does comply with discovery, and the judges understand that the ABIM is a corrupt body corporate, we will be getting closer to exposing the central lies. And the misrepresentations and omissions the ABIM's thugs told to get the upper hand with the courts and batter the doors of physicians civil liberties and rights. This is important to every physician in the ABMS and outside the umbrella. It is important to the AAPS in their anti-trust case against the ABMS.

The Archive Wes mentions here is important for showing history. We must not forget the past for the lessons that it reveals to us. And the ABIM has tried to alter it just like any regime that has harmed people without mercy taxing them to the hilt.

In looking factually with clear eyes, I would characterize the ABMS and ABIM as perpetrators of systematic lies to gain political/personal power and profit. They have ruined the practice of medicine and harmed patients and physician beyond measure.

Anonymous said...

It happens that key archived pages go missing on the Way Back Machine from time to time. I've learned to download the ones I want whenever they are there.

Anonymous said...


Here's a page of truth above; a letter from a pediatrician written to the American Board of Pediatrics. I feel this letter should be read by all physicians and patients. We really need to express clearly in order for all to understand the way things really are. This is clear and direct.

MOC really is a false money machine. We all need to stand united to stop it. Our children are being discriminated against through the ABP abusing the pediatricians who treat our kids.

I was touched by the strength of character and sincerity of this real physician fighting for everyone in the United States. The fight to end MOC is not just about ending an unproven, burdensome and costly process that is debilitating medicine, but we must end the corruption which lies behind the money and power at the ABMS!

We must stop the flow of money to stop the endless flow of corruption.

Jen Eric said...

The ABMS is merely a façade - a house fashioned out of puffed words.
It is a veneer covering up rotten medical bureaucrats whose egregious conflicts of interest create a myriad of unintended quality and patient safety issues.

Sometimes the criminality of these inept "medical professionals" shows through their systematic façade when we see how much cash and stock they pocket in exchange for their expert advice and silence.

Groucho said...

The ABMS is a "parasitic entity."

Holly said...


I used to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. That's ok, I thought, when I found out.

Later in life I almost believed in the ACGME, but I soon realized that it was not belief in them, but mostly fear of them. Ditto for the everyone in the residency program. It became apparent when I saw how much money those sick bastards in Chicago made.

I grew up a little and tried to believe in certification, but it was no longer for life, so how could I. Something seemed wrong - a gap between what they said it was and what it really was. It became apparent it was all a scam. They put us to the question for nothing.

The fake physicians running the show and their greed for money and politics woke me up when I began to study the history, how much compensation they received and what they were really doing with our money behind the scenes.

They tried to get us to believe in 10-year recertification, but they blew it. They got even greedier. They started to stuff our money in a personal stocking with their names on it for their own benefit not the patients or us. It was a compensation stocking just for them and their pet projects, which only hurt medicine.

Then recent iteration of "maintenance of certification" MOC with the continuous demands for time and payouts made me revolt inside and I finally said enough!

It hurts when you believed once in something and then you wake up to the fact that it was a bad fairy tale, not a good one. But it is necessary to go through the sting to get to the truth.

Now we need change, not just of the mind and heart, but complete overhaul of these organizations. Many of these fakes running the ABMS orgs do need to be practicing prison medicine from the inside. We should also lobby for the laws they created and policies to be rescinded. No more MOC and regulatory capture.

End it and say ever again. Enough!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that at National Quality Forum website, "History" webpage has also apparently been deleted: http://www.qualityforum.org/About_NQF/History.aspx
I was trying to figure out whether Cassel was also working for NQF while ABIM president 2003-13. Did she really work 35 hours per week for ABIM, plus many hours for Kaiser and others including NQF? and what did she do in the 35 hours? For someone who touts "quality" and "value", MOC is very low quality education, and thought of by most practicing physicians as without value. Many of the implementation during her tenure such as hand washing and patient surveys are extraordinarily valueless and poor quality, as well as insulting to practicing physicians.
Where is the evidence that excellence at taking a multiple choice tests correlates with practice competency?