Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Concerning Conflicts of Interest at the ABIM, ABMS and NQF

By now various medical societies are telling the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) their ship has sailed. The ABIM's worn mantra that the "public" demands their program is simply not supported by evidence. The tales of misguided incentives and corruption within the organization grow daily. The blatant avoidance of the egregious financial dealings and conflicts of interest outlined in this blog's pages and elsewhere simply cannot be ignored by the ABIM - yet they continue to do so.


Because there are millions upon millions of dollars at stake in areas of physician assessment and measurement.

When Christine Cassel, MD left the ABIM and began her work at the National Quality Forum (NQF), physicians learned of some of her conflicts of interest with other organizations, namely Premier, Inc and the Kaiser Foundation Health Plans and Hospitals. Dr. Cassel labeled these conflicts as "distractions" as she resigned her board seats with those organizations. What we do not know (and this is important) is did Dr. Cassel receive any stock or stock options from the organizations she was so cozy with as part of her compensation package? Given the usual and customary way of compensating corporate board members, I would not be surprised if she did. (Update 19:15 PM: h/t to Mr. Charles P Kroll for confirming that Dr. Cassel owns 3,704 shares of  Premier, Inc stock)

Recently, a Premier, Inc press release announced its plans to purchase a company called CECity, Inc. I suspect most practicing physicians did not notice this announcement. After all, why would practicing physicians be interested in a press release touting a new business opportunity for Premier as it expands its "performance improvement capabilities across the healthcare continuum?"

But practicing physicians need to be VERY wary if our fellow physician-bureaucrats (especially those from the ABIM) when they consider their prior conflicts of interest as "distractions." That word is a flag that everyone should look deeper at these conflicts first reported by ProPublica.

When we do, we find more concerning revelations about the ABIM and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)'s motives.

According to the press release, CECity, Inc is worth about $400 million (or more) to Premier, Inc. and who do we find has been using CECity as its consultant?

Yep. You got it: the ABIM.

In fact, the relationship with the ABIM has been nearly continuous since 2010. According to CECity, they are a CMS qualified registry that provides physician "quality reporting data" to CMS:
As a CMS qualified registry for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS, ePrescribing, MOC-PQRS) and as the service provider for many physician certifying boards (e.g. ABIM, ABO, AOA) CECity is uniquely positioned to align professional and financial incentives with CQI to deliver ‘game-changing’ quality initiatives that have proven and measureable results.
According to the ABIM's Form 990's, they have already paid CECity the following: $600,000 in fiscal year (FY) 2010, $1,217,800 in FY 2011, $1,112,600 in FY 2012, $1,378,138 in FY 2013, and $1,260,000 in FY 2014 (an example of these payments can be found on page 8 of the ABIM's most recent published Form 990 - provided they do not change their Form 990 after this report).

That's right: $5,568,538 of physician testing fees to CECity from practicing US physicians over five years - all of it (so far) on Dr. Cassel's watch.

If Dr. Cassel holds stock in Premier, Inc. from her prior board position there, I wonder how much money she stands to make when this cozy deal with Premier, Inc. closes? Should the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigate this transaction? We don't know, but even the apparent conflict of interest with Dr. Cassel, the president and CEO of an organization responsible for "quality" programs in our nation's hospitals, is very disturbing, indeed.

This is not a minor revelation as physicians continue their difficult task of managing patients in such an overbearing regulatory environment while our specialty societies continue to support the financially conflicted ABMS MOC program. I believe allowing independent and unaccountable third-party organizations (like the ABMS and ABIM) to collect and distribute physician and de-identified patient-related data without written consent of those who could have their ability to practice medicine or collect payment from insurance companies revoked if they don't participate in MOC is a clear violation of Department of Health and Human Services Protection of Human Subject statutes. It also remains to be determined if this violates the Sherman (antitrust) Act.

After all, it is now clear the MOC program is not a "quality assurance" exercise performed for "public's" benefit.

This is profiteering and financially conflicted research on physician subjects in its most fundamental form.



Anonymous said...

Where are the attorneys general when we need them? Do you need more evidence than this to shut down this shady business??

Unknown said...

Great article . Should this be sent to the IRS or SEC or Sen Grassley?

Anonymous said...

National ethics experts told ProPublica that Cassel’s ethical breaches are “absolutely egregious”.... See above: Cassel was also working up to 11 hours per week for Kaiser between 2003-2012.

In addition, Cassel was on Advisor Board or Board of Directors for National Physicians Alliance, working unpaid two hours per week 2011 and 2012, and one hour per week in 2013 according to Guidestar. She is listed as a member supporter of the NPA. The ABIM foundation and The Greenwall Foundation in honor of Christine Cassel are among the foundations and organizations listed as supporters of the NPA who one year spent >$400,000 lobbying.
Cassel is also chair of the directors of the Greenwall Foundation: and listed as Board Chair on GuideStar. She worked an hour a week for Greenwall in 2011 ($5500) and 2012 ($7500) and 2013 ($14,500)...

Insider's Choice: Another Sterling Stock Pick for Chris said...

The ABMS, ABIM NQF and Chris Cassel's Empire of Greed.
More Sickening Revelations Of ABIM's Financial Hanky Panky.

This is very troubling. More unsettling smacks in the face concerning corruption and influence pedaling in the medical industrial complex at the central core of the ABMS UMBRELLA!

Premier Inc. stock is down over 2% on news of still more conflicts of interest for Chris Cassel's vast Testing and Quality Assurance Empire.

The ABIM Foundation and merged multimillion dollar ICE CASTLE are just more of the same fueling the politics of monopoly and special interest payouts.

Premier Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC)
November 11, 4:00 PM EST
35.01 ▼ 0.72 (2.02%)

Christine K Cassel and partner Mike McCauley's Premier investment is worth today $129,537.

That would be roughly 864 "overnighters" at the 2.3 million dollar condo or as someone called it--"The Cassel-Gate Condo." Chauffeur rides to and from the airport and gas included in the $150 per night stay lounging around at "Dickeys Dacha."

$129,500 is equal to over two years rent staying at ABIM's "hanky panky" clubhouse.

Pay it back from the Premier cash and stock, Chris!

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from the Marshall ProPublica Investigative Report. Excellent reporting!

"Premier reported revenues of $869 million in the fiscal year ending last June. It spent more than $1 million on lobbying in 2013, according to In August and November, the company urged members of Congress to instruct Medicare to run any quality measures through the Quality Forum.

Premier featured Cassel’s status as a board member and future top executive of the Quality Forum in documents last May describing its initial public stock offering. In September Cassel acquired 3,704 shares of Premier stock that were then worth about $100,000.

The company’s business involves group purchasing and a consulting arm that uses data analysis to help providers perform better on various quality metrics. In October, a measure sponsored by Premier to track hospital care by the average length of stay was up for renewal by the Quality Forum.

Blair Childs, Premier’s spokesman, said the company is still evaluating the average length of stay metric and that it could be submitted for consideration as a Medicare pay-for-performance measure.

Childs said Cassel’s role on the Premier board doesn’t pose any conflict of interest, and that her relationship with Premier was vetted carefully by the Quality Forum’s board. Cassel was a good addition to the Premier board because of her commitment to improved care and lower costs, he said."

Snyde said...

Cassel received plenty of cash from Premier also. She did the boards for hire and influence.

The stock Cassel got was for an INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING or IPO. She was at the right place at the right time advising. New stock issued.

"Geez, why don't we raise some capital from among the PUBLIC in taxpayer land.
The public can subsidize medicine's demise and more cash and stock for consolidation in the medical industrial complex. Oh, yes and me.

Maybe down the road we can acquire CECITY in an all cash deal worth 400 million dollars? All in favor say AYE."


"The Board has unanimously approved the issue of shares out of thin air for future acquisitions. But mostly to distribute to ourselves--the board and executives."

That Premier IPO sounds a lot like the secret funding of the ABIM Foundation with public funds (doctor's direct withdrawals). But physicians didn't get any equity in the deal. Then ICE merging back into the Foundation is like Premier buying up CECITY!

Anonymous said...

This is a scandal of epic and historical proportions. This keeps getting slimier and slimier. It is high time the DOJ and the SEC start cleaning up this stinking pile of rotting garbage.

Anonymous said...

Startling post Wes!

To learn more, I tried to read the press release from Premier regarding the purchase of CECity. It's like reading a mishmash of double speak and gibberish. Here's the first two paragraphs: "Extends seamless performance analytics and improvement platform across the entire ambulatory and acute care spectrum, creating opportunities for growth and expansion.
Simplifies and consolidates value-based payment reporting, automating the submission of physician practice and hospital data to private and public payers, and clinical data registries to scale improvement."

It's truly disturbing how much power these non-accountable companies have over physicians and healthcare. It's further proof that the ABIM/AMA/ACP have unequivocally sold out and do not represent the best interest of anyone except for themselves.

Indydoc said...

Stop paying the ABIM and funding the corruption. A critical mass of internists and IM subspecialists need to put their money where their indignant mouths are. And if this doesn't occur before hospital corporations purchase us all, we will be forever locked into the ABIM or relegated to the fringe for our civil disobedience. It amazes me how physicians would rather self immolate than act as an organized collective to stop our increasing destruction.

I'm out, are you?

Philly Gossip Page said...

Murder on Walnut Street. Who Killed Lynn Langdon?

Meet the new COO below, Nkanta "Nick" Hines. But what happened to Lynn Langdon? Did "Nkanta Hines" or "Rich Baron" take the ax to the old financially-troubled and legally battle-scarred COO?

We are dying to know!

Is the former COO dead or just having a long lunch at the Bagel Kitchen. Last time we saw or heard of her was months ago. "I'll have another Lox with cream cheese, please?"

The ABIM Mystery Continues.

Who killed or did away with Lynn Langdon? Did she know too much? Was it her own body guards or the head of security that done it? There are no details forthcoming about the murder from the ABIM.

I have tried to call but they will not put me through to anyone. I guess patient's don't count. What's going on with the crown princess of the Medical Specialty Boards. Where the heck is she? Will she journey on to Chicago Heaven as one of the new "corporate angels" watching over patients and physicians making sure we are all safe and sound?

We understand there's a new COO at the ABIM. We all thought Langdon would be there forever. What happened? Who took the ax to her. Who done it? And where did they bury the body of the old COO Lynn Langdon!

Did patients or physicians get a public announcement or email to inform them?
Was anyone on this blog made aware? Did anyone get a letter or even know?

Who is this new COO? Did he ax her to gain more power in the company. He's ambitious. We know that much. After all he's a Frensius Medical Care AG & Company man! Frensius is a global dialysis services company.

Speaking of stock and options. Yes, Forensius has stock and offers it to executive employees. Is the New COO greedy. Did he ax Langdon to get her share of the ICE money or a share of the stash of the Foundation money that was "unaccounted for."

How many shares of Forensius ticker FMS does the new COO Hines own? Just below this inquisitive paragraph is all the ABIM gives us in the way of disclosures on Hines. Nothing to report.

Can we ever believe them?

They vet not neither do they spin about corruption within their ranks. Cassel/Premier/Kaiser conflicts were not even a concern.

Cassel like Baron and now Hines has only the security of their dark secrets to focus on while they play politics and the game of monopoly as usual. Nothing's changed at the ABIM except a few faces.

Is the above disclosure statement a forward looking statement, presen or past statement? What about Hines' shares in Forensius, if any? Any ties to Forensius or his other previous company’s now?

Hines was hired by ABIM in July of 2014 as VP of Operations. Did he have time to sell his Forensius shares if he had any? After a year he took over Lynn Langdon's job as COO in July of 2015. Here's the stock price today. How about shares in his other corporate incarnations at HCA and Dupont?

Stock Quote: Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA (NYSE: FMS)
November 12, 12:14 PM EST
▼ 0.69 (1.57%)
Mkt Cap 26.73 B
P/E 24.94

Who Axed Lynn Langdon? said...

Murder on Walnut Street. Part II

More Fraud and Corruption in Corporate America the ABIM Way.

So who the heck is "Nick" Hines? They seem to use a lot of "nicknames" at the ABIM.
Nkanta "Nick" Hines is a corporate man with a lot of industry connections/clout and a face looking more like a security guard than a business person. Not a physician in the least. Farthest from it.

I understand Nkanta's former company Forensius, a global dialysis services company is involved heavily in the care of Medicare/Medicaid patients. The company had some troubles with revenues due to CMS cutbacks in reimbursement levels starting in 2008 and progressing through 2014. The only way to grow revenues would be global expansion and acquisitions.

Now listen to this real news about Nick and Forensius! All gossip of murder aside!

Forensius, as a global dialysis services company is involved in government contract fraud or so it is claimed.

They are under investigation in Maryland about contractual arrangements between hospitals and physicians. Forensius is also being probed about contractual arrangements regarding the management of acute in-patient dialysis services in the District of Maryland.

Forensius FMCH is being sued after a Hawaiian investigation probing Forensius under Hawaii’s False Claims Act. This investigation culminated in a complaint filed by the state of Hawaii concerning allegation/evidence of Medicare fraud. The Hawaii False Claims case was filed just as Nick Nkanta was moving into Lynn Langdon's office (Ha!) at the beginning of a new "clean chapter" for “operations” at the ABIM in July of 2015.

Or so we may be led to believe that the ABIM has been cleaning things up! In fact it appears that the corruption is only getting worse. Bringing in corporate heavy hitters and fresh new incursions into physician/patient privacy civil liberties violations with the ABIM's nasty security police, which is partly overseen by the COO's office and several others in the liquid practices of ABIM's ever-changing policy.

The ABIM seems to have a policy that says "seek out only your own kind." Maybe there are no real physicians at the ABIM in executive positions because they never really advertise to physicians as it is required by the bylaws. Oh I guess they decided to change the articles of incorporation too, not just the bogus invented policy.

And ignorant patient’s like myself don’t know a fraction of ABIM’s dirty secrets. Nobody bothers to inform us. Where is our free press and freedom of information act? Why are there no mainstream media reporters digging for the truth about the ABIM and ABMS? It is ugly given what we know of this organization. How many concerned patients like me are there? I ask everywhere when I shop get gas, walk in the city, and not one taxpayer/patient ever heard of the ABIM or ABMS! That is frightening considering how powerful they have become over everyone’s life.

Here’s a document showing ABIM COO’s old corporate friend Forensius. Corruption and alleged fraud that our government seems care little about, except topical discussion and treatment.
It’s a Forensius corporate document that was buried online hoping it would be hard to find!

For the Maryland medical contract probes and Hawaii lawsuit see Page 54. There is also discussion of the Medicare cutbacks in reimbursement levels for Frensius on page 2 and 3 of the same document.

Here's a lawsuit of fraud (bad practice)they lost and then got the judgment against them overturned.

Also see this lawsuit against Forensius et al.

Scary Shredded Tales of ABIM's Secretive New Condo Division said...

Murder on Walnut Street. Part III Under the Condo Flooring.

Bad Signs of Blunder and False Wonders

It’s all a bad sign. Sounds like Hines is a patient and physician's foe. Why wasn’t I told?

We don't know much about the NEW ABIM COO, except just like Langdon,
he's most likely worth a lot of dough. Hines, like Langdon, and so many others will receive a lot of sweet physician and taxpayer/patient dough.

So, where's the former COO, Lynn Langdon?
I guess having a new COO means Lynn Langdon is gone or hanging low.

Really, where did Lynn go? Has Langdon been moved over to the "ABIM's Document-Shredding Condo-Division" at the Arye building with chauffeur working on historical and other archived financial documents?

We would like to know Langdon’s status, job description and financial compensation if she is no longer COO?
As a patient and taxpayer I demand to be told. Where is the announcement? There is zero transparency and visibility provided. Why. What are they covering over now?

If I were CEO of the ABIM I’d come clean and resign or be more transparent for the patient/taxpayer stakeholder. We are starting to get more and more angry at how negligent, opaque and remiss this organization is.

The ABIM works under the radar in a major restructuring and does not let physicians or patients know. What else are they hiding form the patients, taxpayers, and physicians? I thought the ABIM was supposed to serve patients and let them know how the ABIM is protecting the public. What good is the ABIM if they don't communicate with the public about quality assurance? The public never heard about them, only the propagandistic healthcare austerity package called "Choosing Wisely."

Here's what patients now need to ask and find out.

Are we safe with Nkanta Hines, formerly of Forensius Dialysis, Vascular Division, and taking charge as the new COO? What do we have to fear from Lynn Langdon now? How will she and “Nick” scheme to hurt my doctor as that is their modus operandi for decades?

Personally, from a patient’s perspective, I am more worried by the ABIM now than ever, especially knowing Hine's background and Forensius' current financial and legal woes. What part will the new COO play in "Choosing Wisely?"

Other corporate positions Hines held:
1. Director of Business Development
(HCA) Hospital Corporation of America
August 2005 – August 2010 (5 years 1 month)
2. Consultant Novartis Pharmaceuticals
January 2003 – August 2005 (2 years 8 months)
3. DuPont. Research and Development Manager
February 2000 – December 2003 (3 years 11 months)
Manage testing and development projects for protective apparel product lines, developed Standard Operating Procedures for the division, managed international product development projects, and six sigma green belt initiatives within the division.
Where did Lynn go? Has Langdon been moved over to the "ABIM's Condo Party Division" working on historical financial and other archival documents? We would like to know her status and compensation if she is no longer COO?

In the Dim Grip of Reality said...

Murder on Walnut Street. Part IV

Tested to Death and the Testing Security Police.

So who done it? Who took the ax to Lynn Langdon? Did she really know way too much about the vast network of corruption and who is really behind the crimes?

Who killed the specialty boards with greed and politics. Who killed our Healthcare System?

I'll bet it was in part her body guards or testing security team. They grew too big, unwieldy and out of control! But who controls them?

Or in the case of the ABIM, and their part in the global crime, was it Chris Cassel fighting with Langdon over who was to blame and who got to shred the ICE documentation. What about the ABIM Foundation's original and real articles of incorporation and financial transfer/deposit documentation. Were the ABIM lawyers in on it, or did the ABIM write and file the documents alone? Hidden from everone. What was the timely money for? We are close to finding out.

About NKANTA: Fresenius/"Forensius" sounds so "forensic" for the Philly Gossip Page.

Let's have our experts on this blog tell us forensically if Nkanta "Nick" Hines still owns his Fresenius shares. What is his role in this vast conspiracy. What part of the complex of corrupt industry does he belong to?

That is another clue. The ABIM is getting desperate for corporate muscle on the inside to help them survive.

The lead ship of 24 is sinking fast. The fleet is losing power. The leaders have lost trust. No one will go into battle for these corrupt ones at the specialty boards.

I challenge all the patients and physicians blogging in America and around the world to search for the hidden murderer or murderer's still lurking within the ABIM/ABIM Foundation's icy walls. But these 'evil ones' are everywhere in our global society. They are watching you, controlling, taking away your rights in life.

It is a global crisis and we must put all the pieces together and understand what to do next to fight the deceitful monsters.

Find our murderer or murderers and we will be one step closer to finding those responsible for the murder of healthcare, the right to pursue happiness and keep our civil liberties in intact in America.

Clue: the body guards and testing security may not just work for the ABIM. Of course you know that. Find these testing security experts and their bosses and and you will be close to understanding the vast monopolistic network of some of the darkest corners American "corporate life."

It expands well beyond the umbrella of the medical specialty boards.

Learn to see the why we are all being "tested to death." For what? And for whom?

Anonymous said...

As long as the ABIM's "Evil Security Empire" has files of control on everyone no one is safe.

There has been illegal use of phycians' files in the past. And this illegal access and abusive use continues even today. It is illegal to charge for anything more than an original lifetime certificate.

If insurers or hospital privileges are attached to a voluntary certificate this demonstrates the level of corruption that has its tentacles throughout our society.

These are facts that can be verified today. Even 'in your gut' you know the truth.

Call any of the agencies below. There is no time to delay. The ABIM's criminal elements are at work right now.

This is why it is important for the DOJ, the IRS, FTC, OIG, Attorneys General, even the ATF to get involved and investigate the ABIM's wrongdoing.

Yet even these agencies have their corrupt elements that ignore or obstruct justice.

Cassel-Gate Shares Down Again said...

Premier, Inc. (PINC) -Nasdaq
34.20 Down 0.81(2.31%) 4:00PM EST

Value of 3704 shares $126,677

Anonymous said...


It is difficult for me to read your blog anymore without first applying duct tape around my neck as my head may blow off with anger. This is the perfect Jonathan Gruber technique of creating the confusing legislation then being hired as a consultant to the states to explain and implement the new regulations.

Basically, the NQF promulgates rules/regulations adopted by CMS. Before the sun has even set on the new rules, the bureaucrats at NQF have devised a plan to implement in their for-profit business to train hospitals to meet the new metrics or else the hospitals lose their value based purchasing money. This is crony capitalism at it's finest.

Does anyone believe that the same practices occur within the EMR realm? Every time a new MU regulation is passed, our hospital is forced to 'upgrade' our EMR which means more money to Cerner and Epic. Do you think Cerner and Epic have powerful politicians on their boards who can influence Washington insiders to do their bidding?

Before I read this blog again, I will apply duct tape liberally and self inject Zofran.

Double Ducted said...

Anonymous Thu Nov 12, 07:23:00 PM CST wrote:
"Do you think Cerner and Epic have powerful politicians on their boards who can influence Washington insiders to do their bidding?"

The Cerner employees/"experts"/contractors are already in the hospitals subverting
things. They bribe, cannibalize, offer trips to the "secure tornado proof homeland" in Kansas City. Nothing changes in the software to make it more effective. The technicians designed a user unfriendly nightmare. ICD-10. They were not ready with the change over.
Every new iteration of this program is worse and eats up more bandwidth and server space in the homeland. Bottle necks, down time. Put some dame tape around me!

How's this one. I know a hospital that had EHR, but Cerner had the hospital spokesperson quoted as saying, "we are so happy to make the transition from paper."

Everything about corporate Cerner and the other vendors that grabbed on to our privates in DC to push this down our throats should be...

Well the tape is off. I just smacked myself to keep from losing it. Discipline...
My words will be measured and rational now....

Oh, hell, f*** them! What frauds in KC in their bunkers, raking in the money and same old scam to sell what is useless, untested, then the next worse even more monstrously complicated failure prone iteration to improve the bottom line...

but not the damn product...our university did a study of all the flaws in EPIC and how to keep from killing patients...

The shit they used years ago at the VA was better, and that sucked...horribly...

No wonder the VA patients were the first to test ride the delays that every hospital/clinic is experiencing now...

Not to vets. Not to the general public! It is unfair and causes delays and DEA**.....

Tell me I'm wrong!

Indemnity said...

"Because there are millions upon millions of dollars at stake in areas of physician assessment and measurement."
There will be those who violate fundamental rights guaranteed by our constitution and bill of rights.

As a private citizen, the more I investigate allegations of corruption put forth by physicians here, the more I find. There truly needs to be federal and state investigations of this medical/testing underworld, which comprises countless people involving many related organizations.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with physicians, we march in a solid line of opposition to the corruption at the ABIM and elsewhere.

I can see more and more examples of the opportunistic criminals within the ABIM, ABMS or related "testing companies" that proclaim to "assess and measure" physicians and others in the name of the "public good"; yet it becomes crystal clear that they do so without legal claim or moral right. And only with monetary ends in mind.

These immoral people and unethical businesses harm the public with "greedy hearts and dirty hands." I will not tire or rest until most of the 'evil doers' are exposed and brought to justice.

ABIM, listen up! Here's our pledge to you and your ruthless ilk!

I pledge to you and those who your associated with that I will form legal committees and begin the process of bringing you to justice.

Your hidden secret diabolical face is coming into sharp focus and we have captured it with our own forensic methods. We have brought to light and exposed your foul smelling lairs and deeds with our own proprietary patent pending methods.

We promise to work without tire investigating the most egregious offenders and your associates.

Patients and physicians will not waver in a line of solidarity against you. We will investigate and prosecute until you are all, either individually or in groups, arrested, brought into a court of law and punished for your criminal behavior.
Or face civil justice with the harshest of financial judgments sought against you!

I make this pledge because I have the body of evidence and damning facts.

Anonymous said...

Today I learned that I am unable to stomach reading all of the comments; this must only be done piecemeal. I noticed one person has resorted to using duct tape.

I've seen a lot in life and probably don't know the half of how evil evil can get. I learned quickly that the religion biz has been far gone, worse than healthcare, for a really long time--not that I was ever in the religion biz. But it DOES serve as a model for us, a model of evil.

What helps is, without taking it too seriously, crack open a bible and benefit from it's wisdom. Maybe you have to use duct tape with that, because if you get religion then you turn evil. Not sure how that works. But stuff in there encourages us not to be disheartened by the wicked, or envious of their wealth. There's even something in there about how priests lie in wait to rob you--so this is nothing new. Some folks get upset when a major holiday like Thanksgiving approaches--but you know what--Joseph's brothers faked his death, emotionally destroyed his father and kept the lie going for many years without being troubled by this. Then Joseph doesn't even retaliate--or someone cleaned up history.

Whenever I get a new follower that I'm iffy about, I look at their profile and if they're into porn I ALWAYS see the same "2 Followers you know". It's NEVER Wes, by the way. Most people are kinda *icky* or we lack information. Lots of evil in the world--but there has been since there have been people. Perspective helps. I'm just enjoying those people whose character seems good, feeling encouraged there are always a few other decent people.

So I encourage everyone, step back and find encouragement when you need it in whatever wholesome way you can--and also don't get religion, those are the meanest and scariest people in the world. Fight the good fight.

gotta go anonymous on this one so those guys aren't embarrassed that I know about the porn, even TEEN porn. If you read this blog you know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Priests were murdering as part of their schemes: Hosea 6:9

Today, perhaps fewer clergy commit murder, focusing instead on the plunder, and sexual abuse.

So let us all take encouragement from this apparent improvement, and appreciate the times we live in. Right?

Cheyenne Cody said...

Just some cowboys thoughts you MOC-AHOLICS. No, I'm not a doc. I'm just a Wyoming rancher. This is some of the most fascinating stuff I ever read!!!

I read what Dr. Fisher has said. Here's my leather and thread.
ABIM IS a twisted distorted mythology in the sense the contributor above described.

Maybe a certificate for life was ok, but even in that there is nothing proved. Isn't that what Wes said?

Beyond that the ABIM is evil. It has no benefit to its followers except to entrap and enslave them. Dude, you're just a punch-Judy cow!

ABIM is a bunch of phony ministers in the testing racket robbing you on the roadside for life. The same kind of stuff I keep my kids out of!!! Too much homework already, but the high stress test does not make kids better. It makes them resentful and useless.

Extra time and money. Who's got it to spare. My father said send the kids to school for half a day, the rest is propaganda anyway. How's that for a cowboy philosophy!

I agree better do something good with your life, have decent friends like Wes, and fight the good fight. Right?

Mythology can be confusing when taken literally, not seeing the many layers and angles, and yes even puns and stupid humor thrown in. Murder on Walnut Street. What a trip!!!

The ABIM club house may have been decent at first. Had some coffee and pie together and a laugh or two. They gave you a promise of something good for life.

But then they got greedy demanding tithing "or else"!
First every ten years; now every year. Who'd submit to such bullshit if they didn't have you by the oysters! (As in the Rock Mountain type.)

Now ABMS puts you in their public stocks if you don't pay.
Doctors are stupid idiotic fools following ABIM's onerous slavish mythology.

You're in the stocks like fools whether you're certified, meeting MOC or not.
Yeah, I've got internet in the Cheyenne area, not good but it works.

Have you really looked at their "legally binding pledge?" I did. I'm not a doctor but I can tell you I would never sign such legally binding sack of lies. It's all about their importance and "high stakes-itis" in the head!

Who ever wrote the ABIM/ABMS pledge should be hanged by their toes.

I'd like to know who wrote that. I can ride and I can rope with the best.
You find out who wrote it and tell me. Post it here. I'll rope that scam artist on Sunday and present them to the law on Monday. But anything can happen in between.

Final words: If you signed your life away to the ABMS, have someone put you out of your misery. Or have a strong shot at the end of the day and try to laugh it off.

Happy trails, but first learn how to ride. Put the spurs on 'em. Show 'em how it feels.

Guess what my doctor showed me all the hoops he has to go through. Ride em real hard. Give 'em a boot and spur for me. Just make sure no one is looking.

Cheyenne Cody said...

Two men looked out their prison bars.
One saw mud the other saw stars.

Talk to the sheriff.

Have a judge give 'em hell.
Then put 'em in jail.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers and thoughts go out to our friends in France and around the globe to end all violence.

Premier CasselCity Merger said...

Physicians and the Public are Overbilled for Certification and MOC by the ABIM.

If Cassel kept her shares when she resigned her board position, then this may be a form of insider trading.


She would understand better than us the potential value and growth of Premier Incorporated through acquisition and merger. And she obviously set up the deal by writing over $5 million in checks backed by the full faith of physicians. That additional revenue made the difference between profitability and losses on the bottom line.

Do the math, Cassel tipped the scales and made Cecity profitable with physicians' "surplus" fees.

This is especially troubling when we have just learned that Dr. Castel was also paying into/feeding CECITY's future growth as an acquisition target for her company Premier. Stock symbol PINC.

Who knows you might just make some money if the SEC finds wrongdoing or seeks to recover money from these government funded organizations and NQF CEO.

Whistleblowers. If you are part of these two companies you may have a chance to a share in the recovery. Or if you have a complaint blow the whistle on Premier and Cecity. Contact info below!

If you have concerns about this as a potential conflict of interest and using insider knowledge to profit please inquire or report this to the SEC.

After all if you or I had that inside track on Wall Street and the direction of the medical industry we could all be investing like George Soros and Christine Cassel getting richer than any oligarch.

This merger is more than troubling when you consider the fact that Dr. Cassel has the president of the United States' ear and guides the nation on health policy, health care delivery and hospital quality assurance as it directly relates to these two companies, Premier and Cecity.

One last point. The merger takes away healthy competition and the innovation that comes with it, not to mention it nearly sets in stone onerous policies that will become law after these two company's syncretic earnings double their lobbying power.

Contact the SEC and the regulatory commission that approves such deals to alert them at least to what is going on.

Through adding more and more corporate power the ABIM will have their way with physicians and patients in perpetuity. Stop it.

Anonymous said...

Cui bono?

Anonymous said...

So, ABIM announces it has made it even easier to earn MOC by doing approved CME activities. One of the approved activities earning CME/MOC is "Internet Searching".

You can just bet that Cassel's and ABIM's CECity is going to be the BIG BROTHER watching your movements on the internet as you earn your MOC by internet searching.

ABIM and ABMS are metastasizing! Now we risk further giving up/selling out our privacy and autonomy for the "gift" of easier compliance with the non-optional MOC.

Next thing you know you'll have to do everything ABIM related through an APP on your phone and forced to agree to their APP permissions - then you really will be giving up EVERYTHING!

They are a cancer! STOP THEM!

Benjamin Franklin said...

"Those who give up liberty for safety end up with neither."

Poor Richard's Almanack, Quote for the Day.

City of Brotherly Love said...

Thank you Sir Wes for getting us to think in ways that matter
--critically and with evidence-based insight.

Your wise red cap waving in the air speaks volumes
--like a red flag pointing out
the preponderance of falsity that surrounds us
bombarding us into mental oblivion.

Your journalistic finger points
with a clarity of mind
and honest integrity so rare these days.
Take good care of yourself and that thinking cap.

Unknown said...

Has anyone looked at how much income the ACP derives from selling test prep courses, materials to their own cannabalized members in order to pass the ABIM recert exam? I left the ACP a few years ago when I realized they were in cahoots with the ABIM ; they are part of the coercion and areNOT on the side of their members that they profess to protect. With friends like this who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

Noticed that "Insider's choice" called McCauley Cassel's partner. Did they marry? She apparently broke up his previous marriage with her unethical behavior, then pretending they are more ethical than other physicians due to their PSR politics. Take back those first class airfares if they aren't married.

Anonymous said...

Call the ACP for a breakdown of income. Ask them to email the year by year numbers since the beginning of their offerings. Get them to share with you their financial assessment graphs. They do exist. ACP now controls the market share for test preparation and study materials. Revenues just some where under 30 million estimated this year. 2013 was somewhere over 27 million if you include "other". It looks like the CEO get at least $800,000 and they earned just under $12 million on investment income, paying nearly $1 million to have that hoard of tens of millions managed.
Neuberger Berman, an old Wall Street firm managed/manages a big chunk of it according to 990's. Neuberger barely escaped the ominous fate of Lehman Bros during our depression/recession/jobless recovery of 2008-present.

Insiders bought the company and put it back together. Many veterans fleeing ship not knowing their fate. But they seem to be doing quite well taking advantage of all the low borrowing rates buying back some of their AMPS on closed end funds and getting better rates on their margined investments.

Note: Some of those margined closed end funds have margin of around 30% leveraging for higher yields to investments. They offer a lot of mutual funds for their high net worth clients. Incidentally their closed end REIT fund could be purchased on the swoop down in 2009 for 85 cents a share and now has an NAV of $5.60. If you bought in at 85 cents a share your dividend would be worth at least 25% or more on your money even at higher purchase prices as shares appreciated. Now the yield is over 7.2% after the bump up a year or so ago.

I'd like to see their portfolio sometime.

Anonymous said...

Of course ACP is/has always been in partnership with the ABIM. Money/favors/influence pedaling goes back between them every year since 1936.

We don't have access to all the financial statements. That's a problem. The ABIM hides its numbers and relationships.

But Look at the ABIM Foundation and its secretive life of transfer of money for two decades, covertly, privately. There are even examples of big sums gifted to the ACP. I've seen the 990's. Maybe the blogger host could display the 990's or links.

What's the money really for? I'd like to have the DOJ or the IRS tell us. Maybe even the SEC should be brought in as well concerning the egregiously conflicted Christine Cassel and her relationship with Premier and Cecity.

Do an online search of the Arora/Frontrunner smashing and physician bashing circa 2008 and 2009. That was partly about monopoly of the test/test security/test preparation market--with quiet hints of this racketeering starting in 1999! But then the ABMS/ABIM got aggressive/greedy in 2008 (through to the present) with storm troopers and legal/political chicanery. That was Chris Cassel's bosses calling the shots on that.

You figure it out and blog your thoughts back to us, or just give the DOJ a shout.

The control of physicians and copyright strong-arming is still going on. Confer Salas Rushford's versus the ABIM in his counterclaim in New Jersey where the ABIM claims their "copyright of science" was invaded. Dr. Salas Rushford tells them in no uncertain terms paraphrasing that the ABIM is corrupt and cheated physicians everywhere with their bogus policies and legal pledge which only an idiot would sign. Coercion? No question. That's illegal. He says he will prove it. Read the document for yourself.

You may be next if you email anybody. Even innocent discussion. They have internet police if you did not know. Ask Rich at ABIM for the names and phone numbers of the privacy pirates and complain when he confirms it. They will get anything they can and put it in a file. That practice started before the ABIM existed. ABIM is just an extension and "voluntary" participation in giving up your privacy and civil rights.

Ask to see the ABIM to open up their computers for a DOJ probe or investigation if you don't believe me. You will see the companies they hired, the third party contractors and employees they house on Walnut Street to invade your lives and keep track of yo--keep you afraid and under control.

Anonymous said...

Put the ABIM/ABMS to the test about their test. Put the ACP to the test about their complicity in the monopoly.

It is clear, and not just my take, that the ABIM has poor tests and has great legal need to hide it from physicians and the public. If they had good tests they would sell the old tests themselves to make a few bucks; but the problem is they don't have science, they have merger law and original wording to protect. Words are all they have, not science. They are fakes with fake tests and control of market share through corrupt dirty tricks and well connected legal hutzpah.

If you don't get what I mean, the ABIM and ABMS are fakes; bureaucratic doctors controlling and hurting real physicians for monetary and political ends.

The ABMS through the legal arm of Ballard Spahr (and in-house company) told everone in the New York Times (press releases) in strict legal terms it was all about control of the market in 2008 and 2009. They wanted complete control of the clients who used to count for something--maybe back in 1936 docs still had a lobbying voice through the AMA before the working physicians got squeezed out in favor of the egregiously conflicted new breed of professional medical bureaucrat.

These bureaucrats expected big money for doing the evil deeds behind closed doors and in secret. These are the white collar villains who reduced the number of rank and file physicians significantly and created a bottleneck through ever-increasing bureaucratic red tape. Not the only ones! Tell me why they did that and for whom? Does it really matter to anyone? Wake up and fight it. Locally, in constant correspondence challenging the ABMS/ABIM and on Capitol Hill.

Doctor Lee, why not ask the same question of "how much" they make off of test preparation historically directly to the ACP. Including the market share. Are there any competitors left? It does not matter if you are a member or not. They enjoy tax free status (your dollars at work) and they are the first parent of the ABIM, the second being the AMA (of CPT codes copyright fame.) Yes, they make lots of money on the codes, if you did not know. They could streamline and serve you for free.

So, call the ACP sales team. They are there to serve you.
© Copyright 2015 American College of Physicians. All Rights Reserved.
190 North Independence Mall West, Philadelphia, PA 19106-1572
Toll Free: (800) 523.1546 · Local: (215) 351.2400


Gary M. Levin said...

Dr. Wes. I continue to read your posts regularly. All physicians should be grateful for your dedication to the task of holding our organizations responsible for their actions. After all these boards are made up of the 'membership'. These 'elite' authorities derive from the same pool of physicians who they purport to manage, stimulate and create examinations for MOC. This says nothing about the lack of evidence that MOC is a sham for insurers and government to hold over the heads of clinicians. Your articles are well referenced and documented. The conflicts of interest are all too evident for anyone who looks at affiliations with boards of varying description. One wonders how they have time to manage an American Board of Anything,practice medicine (are they required to be active clinicians?). I hope all specialties read Dr Wes. It pertains to most boards. However I am afraid the horse and the herd have left the barn.

Visiting "Ethics" Proffessors said...

Digital Medicine in the New Millennium and the Bogus ABMS Quality Chasm
Arrogance and corporate $ undermining physician autonomy/patients' right to care

MOC, AI/ML Algorithms, Big Data, and the Corporate/Healthcare/Surveillance Machine

"Providers [Enterprise Insights Forum - Cassel, Khosler, Wachter, et al]
How entrepreneurs from leading startups, such as Fabien Beckers of Arterys, work in tandem with physicians to earn their trust and leverage algorithms actively used for patient care

Learnings from Dr. Robert Watcher of UCSF about how he selects the right opportunities to plug in ML solutions across his organization—and the impact it’s had so far

Strategy for implementing AI-powered bedside workflow tools, shared by Tom Cassels of Leidos Health"

"In 2012, co-founder of Sun Microsystems Vinod Khosla predicted that 80% of medical doctors jobs would be lost in the next two decades to automated machine learning medical diagnostic software.[39]"

Dr. D. in Silicon Valley said...

UCSF/CA paying for Cassel to innovate and recommend policy for the dying? It appears so, arranged by her partner in innovation and cover-up - Bob Wachter. Unbelievable!

How much is she charging/getting per contact to consult with Silicon Valley and Venture Capital. Says that phone of hers is "ringing off the hook'? (How to cash in on the aging society.)

Pharmacists will be the next professional force to replace the MD, DO to be at the center of care as the drug companies merge and become in the forefront of medicine.
"Too much medication at the end of life," she says. "Too much cost."

Full employment society where seniors keep working and fill the labor gap. Healthier, cost benefits to society and more productive.

At the end of her talk, two shill questions about cutting costs for those at the end of life.

ABIM doctors funded this woman to live in Washington DC and conduct business as usual, then NQF, Kaiser, now UCSF and the State of California taxpayer.

What was not discussed by Doctor C, was the role of the physician in the new medicine, but just get ready for all the technological/practice/policy change. (Reference to FaceBook as how quickly tech can transform society.)

Good luck with that investigation, Dr!

Do facts matter? Does truth matter? said...

The NQF, ABIM, ABMS and medical specialties boards are politically and financially conflicted corporations. Toxic to the profession and the public. We need to question more.

When the NQF and ABMS make medical diagnoses and political statements based on hysteria and media "conclusions", who wins and who loses? Certainly truth is the victim as well as our communities. And each of us as individuals are the victims of continuous propaganda.
These organizations are little more than propaganda machines doing nothing good for the public or the profession. There is no independent thinking to attempt to find the truth. NO middle ground that reconciles? Heals?