Friday, July 11, 2014

How Much Physician Anti-MOC Sentiment Is There?

This chart says it all:

(Click to enlarge*)

Now that this is firmly established, the question becomes, what are are we going to do about this?  Create legislation altering the Affordable Care Act?  Develop a separate testing authority to compete head to head with the ABIM's process?  Mass non-compliance?  Suit?

This challenge is a good representation of Nancy Pelosi's famous line: "But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy."

Well, now that our new health care law has been enacted with the ABMS's MOC program firmly in place, change will not come easily.  This is a great example of how difficult it will be to change any part of our new health care law that is problematic.

I encourage readers to post their suggestions regarding how they might consider changing the ABMS MOC program requirement contained in our new law in the comment section of this blog.


*Reference:  ACC Member Survey

Addendum 22 July 2014:  Welcome WSJ Readers!

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Anonymous said...

1. Obamacare was simply a power grab transferring power to the executive branch. The bureaucrats benefited tremendously by codifying their business plans. It would have taken an 'act of congress' to grant so much power to the ABMS.
2. The ACC will not do anything because they have benefited from this executive takeover. The ACC sold it's soul to get legislation codifying the use of their registry. The ACC is now a de facto regulatory arm of CMS. Expect stonewalling from the ACC...'we are studying the issue'.
3. Resistance is futile--you will be assimilated.