Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Chest X-Ray You Don't See Everyday

... unless, of course, you're a cardiac electrophysiologist:

An anterior-posterior (AP) and lateral (LAT) chest radiograph
(Click image to enlarge)

PS: Answer here.


Rick Malchetske said...

Wore one for 3 months prior to getting my ICD. Never shocked me, but it was a PITA when trying to sleep! The electrodes dug into to my side and twisted when I slept causing the alarm to wake me up.

Certainly protected me, but was very happy to get rid of it!!

Lisa said...

I seriously can't for the life of me understand how in the world you actually get someone to put that thing on. They wanted me to wear one before I got my AICD. No Way! I would not even go near it.

wes todd said...

Viewed the wearable defibrillator Xray. Great image, Idea! Could I use the image on my EP question blog? Never seen one! I listened to the related presentation on Zoll.com wesleytodd.blogspot.com Please email me