Thursday, April 25, 2013

Technorati's Social Media Update 2013

In preparation for my upcoming talk at the Heart Rhythm Society's 2013 Scientific Sessions in May, I came across this information from TechnoratiMedia's 2013 Digital Influence Report.  While these data are primarily directed to general online consumer influence, doctors interested in social media might find this information interesting (my comments are italicized):
  • When it comes to community size, 54% of consumers agree that the smaller the community size, the greater the influence. (Healthcare is a niche market, subspecialties even more so)

  • Online services most trusted: (1) News Sites (51%), (2) Facebook (32%), Retail Sites (31%), YouTube (29%). Blogs (29%), Google + (26%), Twitter (16%), LinkedIn (5%) (Heh, glad to see blogs ranked neck-and-neck with kitty videos)

  • Online services shared the most: (1) Facebook (57%), (2) YouTube (40%), Blogs (26%), News Sites (26%), Google + (25%), Twitter (18%), LinkedIn (5%)  (Blogs are shared more than Twitter? Surprised by this - perhaps this is because of the relatively static nature of blog posts.)

  • Concerning creating influence: 86% of "Influencers" blog - one third of which have been blogging for more than five years.  (Rock on!)

  • Most bloggers operate 2-5 blogs (52%) while 43% operate just one.  (OMG, I can barely handle one).

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