Wednesday, December 02, 2009

US Health Care Reform Photoshop Contest: The Vote

Okay, the entries for the 2009 US Health Care Reform Photoshop Contest are in and it's time to vote! The idea was to create a single picture using your snark, your wit, your creativity to encapsulate your feelings about the US Health Care Reform efforts underway in a single photograph.

We appreciate the efforts by all of those who made to effort to submit an entry, but only one lucky winner will receive an iTouch in time for the holidays. So here are the entries one more time, in random order:

1) "Healthcare Budget":

2) "Health Care Cat" (in the spirit of LOLCats):

3) "Gonnorrhea for Rationed Health Care"

4) "Taking Care of the Healthcare Pest":

So think carefully, and vote. Please, no voting he "Chicago-way," okay? One vote per person, please. Polls close 11 Dec 2009:

Which is Your Favorite Health Care Reform Photoshop Picture?

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