Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Best. Heart Pillows. Ever.

Wish I'd seen this earlier (Picture at the link):
The girls of Girl Scout troop 6254 will literally and figuratively give away their hearts next weekend.

As part of the troop's "stress for less" badge project, the troop's 10 fifth graders have spent about six weeks cutting, stuffing and sewing heart-shaped pillows. But instead of sitting on living room sofas, the throw pillows will land in the arms of heart surgery patients at Scott and White Hospital in Temple.

Rachael Clift, one of three co-leaders of the troop, said the project was born when the troop came up with ways to be less stressed.

"One of them was to give to others because if you can focus on other people, sometimes that's helpful instead of concentrating on what you're stressed about," she said.

Each troop member gave individual attention to a pillow, picking different fabrics and making them different in little ways. When the pillows were done, however, each girl added the same touch to their individual pillows.

Letters, one pinned to each stuffed felt heart, carry words of encouragement for those who going through a grueling recovery process.
Nice. Really nice.



DrV said...

I might suggest that they sew colon pillows as a next project.

OHN said...

The possibilities here are endless :)

I love seeing a future generation learning the lesson of caring.

Marc said...

We need more of this in the world!