Monday, April 13, 2009

Whose Face Will You See Last?

In a well-written essay, a waiter confronts the frailty of life and asks the question after his became the last face seen by a total stranger.

As a doctor, we often are the last face some people see, I just wonder if we ever stop to think about it as this man did.


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doc said...

Dr Wes,
Appreciate the link...was an excellent blog piece. As a doc as well as working with the local FD, I've been there too many times as well. I guess we "get used to it" or hardened to it, or at least we learn how to hide it and handle it. It never is easy to meet up with mortality face to face, and I guess it never will be. Perhaps it isn't supposed to be easy. But meet it we do, and will continue to, hoping that once in a while, we will win the battle, at least for that one time. Thanks again