Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Measure Twice, Cut Once

It is interesting to note that Kathleen Sebelius, named as U.S. health secretary by President Barack Obama, decided to "measure twice" her tax obligations over the past three years before proceeding to Senatorial confirmation and, gosh, found some errors that needed to be corrected.

Wasn't Ms. Sebelius just advocating for a 51-vote edge instead of the usual 60-votes needed for passage of the health care reform bill to assure its passage? Why wouldn't they want to give the same meticulois attention to our nation's health care proposals and carefully vet them? Wouldn't it be better to measure twice, and cut once?

Just asking.


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dhmosquito said...

Dr Wes: Yes, certainly with major health care policy change(s), it would be better to measure twice before cutting once. But then, it would also be better to make sure that the DVDs you give to PM Gordon Brown actually will play on British equipment before handing them over. And giving the Queen an iPod with your own speeches on it? Don't expect anything reasonable to come from this administration regarding well-thought-out health care changes.