Sunday, February 01, 2009

Oops, He Did It Again

... I did it again.
I played with your heart.
Got lost in the game.
Oh, baby; baby.
... You think I'm in love.
That I'm sent from above...
I'm not that innocent."

-Britney Spears
Tom Daschle. Three years (2005-2007) consulting for $83,333 per month to InterMedia Advisors (yep, $1 million per year). A man who "works as a 'special public policy adviser' at the law firm Alston & Bird, advising clients on public policy related to financial services, health care, energy, telecommunications and (yes) taxes," according to their website. The man who reportedly wants to save our health care system and has written a book on the subject, since he's so well informed. A man with the "delicate mission of shepherding a health care bill through Congress at a time of punishing budget constraints" yet enjoys his personal drivers so much that he "forgets" what their worth and (oops) failed to pay taxes - three years running.

A man who somehow forgets what those tax laws say.

He's a man who wants a Federal Health Board:
Just as the Federal Reserve ensures certain standards, transparency and performance for our banking industry, the Fed Health would ensure harmonization across public programs of health-care protocols, benefits, and transparency.
With Mr. Daschle's actions, I'm seeing the harmony between public programs and benefits, aren't you? But transparency? Hmmm. Seems Tom has a way to go:
Daschle reportedly waited nearly a month after being nominated to be secretary of health and human services before informing President Obama that he had not paid years of back taxes.
Boy, if I was with Intermedia Advisors, I'd want my money back. Still, given the current climate encouraging government control of health care, it sounds like he'll be just perfect for the job as Secretary for Health and Human Services.


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