Monday, September 18, 2006

My Tagged Obligation

Okay, I screwed up. Thanks to me, Moof had a temporary gender transposition due to the ommision of an "s" from "he" in this post, so I was tagged. I will be forever repentant. So now I must describe my favorite 7 songs of the moment. Here they are:

(1) 'Wild Card", from the album First Name Terms by the group Equation - I was so impressed by this 5-man group's first album (1999) called Hazy Daze, that I had to listen to their newer album. They're new to me and thoroughly enjoyed.

(2) "Secret o Life," James Taylor

(3) Dvorak, Piano Quintet in A, Op 81 - 3. Scherzo (Furiant): Molto Vivace; Menachem Pressler with Emerson String Quartet

(4) "When You Say Nothing At All" - Allison Krauss and Union Station

(5) "The Sinister Minister" - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

(6) "No Such Thing" - John Mayer

(7) "If I Aint Got You" - Alicia Keys

It's a bit eclectic, but I really AM listening to these on my iTunes as I type...

By the way, check out the new John Mayer album, Continuum, released 12 Sep 2006. It's great.

Now, I'm gonna depart from the part about tagging 7 others to do the same (I hope I'm not breaking some unspoken etiquette, but I's just getting my feet wet here in the blog-o-sphere). Please, Moof, don't be offended...



Anonymous said...

Love your choices. I'm a real fan of Dvorak ... I love the New World Symphony in particular.

Yes, I consider your dues paid in full! Even if you did make a few clucking sounds instead of tagging 7 bloggers!

(My my ... I'm being really bad today, aren't I? *LOL* Must be that spinach I ate ...)

Seriously, I'm not offended ... and I wasn't offended, but I did need a lever for getting you to do this meme ...

Now it's your turn to forgive me! >;o)

Anonymous said...

"When you say nothing at all" Is a beautiful song.

Dr. A said...

Another John Mayer fan. Excellent.

BTW, I'm always on Moof's tag hit list. I always hope I post first before she (or he -- HA!) gets to tag me, as what happened this time. But, she'll probably get me next time *sigh*